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The Mad Lord's Daughter by Jane Goodger
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Aug 27, 12

Read from August 26 to 27, 2012

An enjoyable romance but not without some issues. Our heroine, Melissa, literally was raised within the confines of her rooms to not only hide her existence from her very disturbed sire, but also because of the obsessive over-protectiveness of the man she knew as her father. Okay, I've never come across that before in this genre, so I was intrigued by her adjustment to one-on-one interaction, never mind society. Her inexperience made her seem much younger than her twenty-three years. John was a great guy, just a little flawed in his no-such-thing-as-love thinking. So he got the one-two punch when he finally realized that he loved Melissa. Seeing him try to keep away from her and tame his lusty urgings was quite fun, yet sometimes a little painful. John had a friendly and respectful relationship with his father, who also subscribed to the it's-not-love belief; however, the father's thick-headedness kept him from recognizing a woman in love with him, which almost cost him his very own HEA.

Fully understanding society's view on bastards was a huge blow to Melissa, and she began to question herself and her relationships with her new fiance, her uncle, and John. Yet it was gratifying how they all tried to protect her from the inevitable confrontation with her sire, the duke. Speaking of the duke, his part of the story was rather vague, but I certainly got the gist of his perverse proclivities, and the actual confrontation was creepy. Unfortunately, his end was wrapped up just a little too neatly to be believable.

Still, this is a diverting tale. Goodger always leaves me wanting more. Recommended at 3.5 stars.

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