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On Fire by Nancy Holder
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Aug 26, 2012

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Read on August 29, 2012

I have to admit it.
I have a crush.
No not on a specific character (although many of the characters, if not all, are rather crush/girlcrush worthy).
No, I have this undeniable, unshakable crush on the show Teen Wolf.
Maybe it's because I like the characters, or maybe its the supernatural. Maybe its because since I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer last year on Netflix and I have been searching for, not a replacement because nothing can replace Buffy, but a suitable second to Buffy.
I can't explain it.
I just have a huge crush on everything about the show Teen Wolf.
Which will explain why I bought this book in the first place. I've read books based on tv shows before and they're usually distant (as in perspective wise) or rather poorly written. In a way I don't blame the authors because it isn't their story per say so they must not be able to adapt to the perspectives as well if the creator wrote it.
The book itself I liked. I was kind of annoyed that I was reading it now after watching the finale of the second season. Like we already know who the alpha is. And what happens to Kate. Allison finds out her family secrets and that Scott is a werewolf. And that Jackson ends up as the Kanima, then later as a werewolf... Right? Although at this point (the book i mean) I don't believe Jackson is even aware at what is going on.
It was as if I stepped back in time to the first season. Although I did enjoy it I wish they had other books that took place during the second season. Those, if any, I assume will come out later.
Another thing that I enjoyed about the book. They added things which I don't remember being completely explained in the show. Like Derek's sister, Laura, being the alpha after their family died. Like I supposed that but I wasn't sure. And what exactly happened between Kate and Derek. All together the story was pretty good. The writing lacked, which is what I expected. And some of the characters' perspectives were very distant, but as a fan of the show I enjoyed it. I wouldn't recommend it if you weren't a fan of the show.
Can't wait for season three.
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