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The Future of Us by Jay Asher
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Aug 25, 2012

really liked it
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I started reading this book at 10:03 P.M. yesterday with the intention of reading a couple of chapters and then putting it down to finish later, since I do have a very heavy reading list. Unfortunately for my sleeping schedule...I couldn't put it down and finished it about 5 minutes ago; it's now 3:52 A.M. Yes folks I spent seven straight hours reading this magnificent piece of literature (Well technically it was 5 hours because I spent two watching Roseanne reruns *I AM GUILTY*). It was glorious.

The Future of Us is a story about Josh and Emma, two teenagers from 1996 who are about to see their future as they display it on Facebook. Let me just say that this book is a real blast from the past for us 90's kids. From the first chapter until the end of the book, mentions of AOL Messenger, DiscMan, cassette tapes, "Wayne's World", The Dave Mathews Band, and ball pits had me hooked. Emma and Josh try logging into an AOL account but get access to Emma's future Facebook page instead (15 years into the future to be exact). Josh and Emma have been best friends and neighbors for a long time but things begin to change after Josh declares his true feelings for Emma. Throughout the entire book, Emma struggles with her feelings towards a Josh and a few other boys, while Josh tries to get with the girl that according to Facebook will be his future wife. They both try to deal with knowing how their future will turn out and suppress the temptation to change it, but sometimes temptation gets the best of them. Fun, enticing, warm, and light this book will leave a smile on your face even if you had the worst day ever, especially for those of use who grew up in the 90's.

As I previously stated, I read this book in one sitting because I loved it so much. I love how the book clearly labels the drastic change in technology and it's effect on society as we have progressed through the years. The topic is light and very representative of the struggles teenagers go through in high school and while trying to figure out what path to take before graduation. The relationship between Josh and Emma is cute but realistic in a very innocent way. I love the writing style because it is simple and doesn't bother with details that are not important. I loved this book you just go out and read it all day long!

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