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Fire Dance by Kailin Gow
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Aug 25, 2012

it was amazing
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Fire Dance is the third book in Kailin Gow's Fire Wars series and I swear it just keeps on getting better. This is also my favourite series by Kailin Gow as it combines two things that I love: Dystopia and Mythology!! This series will seriously draw you in and leave you begging for more. Between the characters, the action and the romance you wont want this to end!

Kailin has taken what I loved about the previous two books combined it and then added more action! So basically this book has made what I loved into something I am borderline obsessive about! The book throws you right into the moment where book two ended and practically broke my heart. It was fixed but I temporarily had an issue due to my serious crush on Chance and what was going on. However the feeling did pass... Mostly. I am a little over zealous when it comes to Chance. Ah who am I kidding, when it comes to Chance all bets are off. But I am rambling now so lets move on because I know it's going to happen with this review.

Mac is a strong and easy to love character that is now facing even bigger decisions this time than last. This includes the decision between Water and Fire. She feels the pull of fire and feels that it is her true place but when she takes a leap into the water side of things she can't deny that she enjoys its feel as well. It's like just when she starts to get the swing of things, she is tossed into chaos again. However many of he questions have now been answered so she is not the helpless question asking girl that she was. She is all about the action and kicking butt and just as determined to protect her friends, family and the people of the post erosion.

Although the romance isn't as up front and centre as it has been, it is still very much there and important. Although there are times that I feel like shaking Mac and screaming due to her almost indecisive moments, I feel that this continues to be one of the romances I enjoy the most that carries a close triangle feeling. Mac has made her choice but there are times that she is forced to question it but ultimately her heart always pulls her the right way. Well the way I want it to go I guess I should say. The fire, dedication and passion always seem to have a stronger hold on her. For those of you groaning over the dreaded triangle word DON`T. There is justification in this one and by this book it is virtually gone.

Chance is changing too. He was once a wall of stone but his defences seem to be wearing down. He doesn't want to be burned a second time by Vesta (aka Mac) and even though he will fight to the death for her he wont loose her again. The side of him that I am seeing more of just makes me love him more and more. There is nothing about this guy that doesn't scream "JUMP ME!" Well something like that at least. I almost literally hang by the pages when Chance is there. At some point Chance helps Varun and shows that he does care but only to an extent in which he doesn't loose Mac. Varun isn't in this book as much as the others due some unforeseen circumstances and although I kind of missed him, the amount of Chance made up for it.

The story in this one is kind of pushing everything forward and really gives you some new information. I mean information I didn't even realize that I was missing out on. This is partially because of the war that is now in full swing and it could mean the end of what is left of our world. Water is raging for control and everyone is now involved in saving what life there is left out in the world. You will find yourself shocked and many times holding your breath and hoping for the best because lets face it: in a dystopia world where Gods are fighting, anything can happen.

If you haven't already START THIS SERIES!! Along with all of the stuff I have said this book is written with Kailin Gow's signature no nonsense straight to the point writing style, which is fast paced and doesn't have a dull moment. Every time I think that Kailin can't do anything to improve upon the previous book (in any of her series really) she blows me away with something new mixed in with the old. Of course the heart pounding romance and the steamy Chance scenes are still in this one which will make every page extra worth it!
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