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The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks
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Aug 25, 12

Wow! I'm quite shocked at the mix of positive and negative reviews that this book got. More than that though, I'm surprised that it really got negative reviews at all! I figured that this would yet again be one of those novels that all the ladies fall in love with, and, for some crazy reason, I decide not to like. Guess others have the same opinion as me on this one though. First off, let me give 5 stars to the cover art of this book. It truly is beautiful. Next, kudos to Nicholas Sparks for writing a love story like this. It's my first novel by him and by any male author, and I was quite impressed that a male author could write such a deep love story like this. I had very many problems with this book though. As good as it was, I just can't give it more than 3 stars. I loved Dawson's character. He seemed like such a kind-hearted guy. Amanda, on the other hand, did not appeal to me very much. She just seemed too immature. It seemed like she was always just thinking about herself, rather than Dawson, or even her own family. It was wrong in the first place to betray her husband and family the way she did, no matter who it was with. She should've known what would happen if she decided to spend the weekend with Dawson. I also didn't like how she was so fickle and so unable to make up her mind. Either she loved Dawson or she didn't. It should've been as simple as that. I really hated though how nothing romantic ever really happened between Dawson and Amanda. I mean, (view spoiler) The whole star-crossed lover thing was a bit predictable, and reminded me a bit too much of The Notebook My next problem was that there was so much unnecessary junk added into this story. Ex. The whole thing with Ted and Abee. That was not needed at all (although it did help explain why Amanda's parents never gave Dawson a chance.) *BTW, whatever happened to Candy? It was never mentioned.* The letters, as others have mentioned, were also pretty unnecessary in the long run. I also hated how the point of view jumped around from person to person. I was never able to fully get to know the characters like that. I also didn't like the whole ghost scenario. It just seemed wayyyy too unrealistic. Finally, I hated the ending!! It reminded me too much of My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. You take a great story and give it the worst ending imaginable. The ending to this story didn't fit at all. Dawson sacrificed so much, and that just made the ending so incredibly heartbreaking. In the long run, the weekend did nothing for Dawson and Amanda. It did a lot for Alan and Jared, but all Amanda got was more pain, and the realization that she still loved Dawson beyond measures, and that nothing would change that. I found how things worked out with Amanda and Frank pretty unrealistic too. I doubt that they would've been able to make it work in real life, not even for their kids. This book was just too depressing and filled with too much sadness and grief for my liking. I will say though, that my favourite chapter was chapter one. The last page of that chapter kept choking me up. This book might have been better if it would've been written while Dawson and Amanda were still teenagers. I'll be honest, I definetely prefer teen romance novels, but stories like this don't even make me want to grow up, because they portray adult life as such a sad and lonely thing. Anyways, that's the end of my rant.
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