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The Curse by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Sep 05, 2012

it was amazing
Read from August 25 to September 05, 2012

I was very, very, very fortunate enough to be sent an advanced copy of The Curse, the third book of Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love's Belador series which comes out September 18, 2012. I really love this series and if you haven't looked into it yet, you really need to. Each book is better than the last.

I just finished reading The Curse. I would have done so sooner but I got it the week of Dragon*con which slowed me up.

However, the last couple of days I just flew through this story.

The Beladors are pretty much superhumans without actually being human. They look human but they can talk to each other telepathically and have super speed, etc. Many of them work for an organization called VIPER which is made up of nonhumans who are out to protect humans.

We, mainly, follow Evalle who is an Alterant. This is a half-Belador, half-something else. Not even Evalle knows what her fully genetic history is but whatever it is makes it so she can shift into an Alterant form - pretty much a mega powerful monster. The other Beladors fear her for just this reason even though she's spent the past 5 years of her life working to protect mankind and her Belador tribe. This is Evalle's story as she fights for her right to exist.

In The Curse, Evalle has been set on an impossible task, or rather, many tasks. She must find out what the other line of her DNA is, what makes her Alterant. She must also find other Alterants to pledge themselves to the Belador Goddess, Mecha, who is, for a limited time only, offering up the golden opportunity to be protected under Mecha's pantheon and seen as a real race and not just beasts to be destroyed however, the Alterants she knows about aren't really answering her call.

To make matters worst, a special group of black-ops trolls have overrun Atlanta, starting gang wars.

We get to find out what's going on with characters in the previous book, such as the mystery of Storm and the email - is he really alive? If not, who sent that email saying he was? Tzader and his vow to give up his true love, Brina, and if he can really do it to appease his goddess.

I have to say, the story that had me biting my nails the most - other than Evalle's of course, is Quinn and the major mistakes he's made. Oh, and a family member whose decided now is the best time to pop into town. That is a character I really enjoyed and I cannot wait to see more of her in future stories. Of course, this particular relative can't just show up for sight seeing, oh no. She brings with her a whole new slew of problems.

Man I feel greedy. I just finished this book and can't wait for the next one.
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