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Hideous Dream by Stan Goff
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Sep 28, 2007

it was amazing
Read in September, 2007


Racism is the dirty little secret of Special Forces. Special Forces members often see themselves as the last bastion of white male supremacy. Stan Goff’s own experience leads him to believe that two-thirds of the organization’s members harbor clearly white supremacist beliefs. Despite the ideological and politically stated goals and beliefs of the Vietnam war, on the ground it played out as a race war during his time there. We have to dehumanize “them”. It was the “gooks” in Korea and Vietnam. It is “ragheads” in Iraq. It was “the skinnies” in Somalia.

Rwanda- The anti-African sentiment of white America would not permit it. There is no petroleum to liberate from states run by former clients. There is no significant American business interests to protect from wild-eyed, revolutionary, and anti-colonial peasants.

One of the most exalted statesmen for the Special Operations community and its derivative BlackWater was senator Jesse Helms. Helms, who referred to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as the “University of Niggers and Communists.”

Ayn Rand- Her so called philosophy gives the white socially retarded, working class intellectual neophyte just enough acumen to make him or her cocksure and brutally narrow-minded.

Cowardice comes easier with the carrot of self-interest.

FRAPH was a creature of the Central Intelligence Agency

While Ali and other team members were quick to out to this [their sleeping with non-white women] as evidence for their contention that they were not racist, I found it, in fact, to be an indispensable ingredient of their bigotry. It is the perfect marriage of their contempt for women and blacks. It is a male thing. Relations with women that do not exist on an axis of domination and obsequiousness are out of the box. Simple mutual respect, or genuine friendship, - as true equals- are some kind of betrayal.

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