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My Liege of Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair
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Sep 04, 12

it was amazing
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Read from August 30 to September 04, 2012

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It’s been a while since I read a book by Cherise Sinclair. I gobbled them all up at once and had nothing left :'-( Until My Liege of Dark Haven came out, I had almost forgotten how great Cherise Sinclair writes. This book is part of the Mountain Masters series. This can definitely stand alone, but if you have read them, you get to revisit the characters in all the previous books, and it is an even better read.

Abby is a slightly plus-sized college sociology professor in danger of losing her job if she doesn’t publish (“publish or perish”). After her boyfriend, Nathan, breaks up with her because she didn’t want to play his BDSM games, Abby decides to go to Dark Haven to surreptitiously conduct her research and perhaps learn to please Nathan and possibly get him back.

When she comes for the first time and realizes she can not immediately get in, she is recruited as the new receptionist. What she didn’t expect, was that receptionists were expected to be submissives who help with demonstrations. When Xavier, a.k.a. “My Liege” asks her to help with a nipple clamp demonstration, they were both surprised by their reactions to each other. While Abby could not submit to Nathan, she found herself submitting to Xavier, despite herself.

Xavier is a wealthy businessman in addition to owning Dark Haven. Since his wife died 4 years ago, he has had his life set in compartments. A slave-in-training for another Dom at home, a playmate in the club, and a glamorous woman for functions. Being the top Dom at Dark Haven, all the submissives want Xavier, he can have anyone at the snap of his fingers, but he wants no messy attachments.

Abby knows she is not beautiful. Overweight, she hates the idea of being exposed in public. Oh Abby, I was SO able to identify with her in so many ways. How can she compete with all of the beautiful subs vying for Xavier’s attention? How can she take her skirt off and let her bumpy thighs show? She was even self conscious about her “wrinkly, uneven & ugly” va-jay-jay! But Xavier strips down every worry. He knows exactly what she is feeling, makes her share it, and turns each insecurity around into something he finds beautiful.

“I see you and think you should accept the beauty of your body and stop searching for flaws.”…….”Mmm. All this softness is incredibly seductive, Abigail”

Abby is a caring, nurturing person. She even fosters puppies for the local shelter (these puppies sounded so freaking cute!). Xavier may be a big scary Dom, but he is just as caring, immediately helping with the puppies, helping find employment for women down on their luck and more. I loved the relationship that developed between them. Abby may be his sub, but when he was hurt, she turned into a mother hen, when they had sex, she asked if it was good for him (nobody ever did that). Abby, who is ridiculously intelligent, had trouble turning off her mind during sex (hard to do sometimes, right?) but Xavier knew just how to handle her, and knew how to assuage all of her fears & insecurities. They were a great yin and yang to each other.

And the sex!!!! Holy mother-of-all-orgasms, Cherise is the QUEEN of writing orgasms! They go on for pages! Plus, she comes up with the most creative “catch the sub” games, punishments, rewards and sex games.


-How well I identified with Abby and was made to feel better about myself in the process.
-Xavier >sigh<
-All-new games and stations. (A fucking machine!)
-Visiting Serenity and checking up on the Mountain Masters
-Xavier >sigh< (sorry, it needed repeating)
-The girlfriends Abby made and family atmosphere of the club
-The amazing communication that Xavier insisted on.

Dislikes: (not even dislikes, just distractions)

-The description of Abby’s hair. Her hair was described as this dandelion fluff, hence her nickname “little fluff”. I can’t picture it. I don’t know why, but I had a mental block on her appearance. This was all I saw:

-Also, in the second half of the book, Xavier was set up to hurt Abby (emotionally). You knew it was going to happen. I had trouble concentrating on the here and now that I was reading, knowing what was about to happen, and wanting so badly to stop it.

Cherise Sinclair is not only the Queen of Orgasms, she is the Master (or is it Mistress) of the BDSM romance genre. Not just “sugarkink” (BDSM clubs) but all BDSM. Cherise, I bow down to you:

Rating: 5+++ stars, 5+++ for Heat

Cherise’s Doms are all fairytale material. Each one is so perfect. They make mistakes, yes; but they know exactly how to push the right buttons on a woman, emotionally even more than physically. They always have such a good read on whatever is going on with a woman until their own emotions get in the way. This book was an absolutely wonderful read, and makes me wish these fantasy clubs (and the Doms!) she writes about were the real deal.
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