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Sep 08, 12

Read from September 05 to 07, 2012

So this is the second book in the series and while it didn't have the mysterious and suspenseful aspect that the first one had. I still loved it because of Ty and Zane.

The two gentlemen have sucked me in. I just can't get enough of them. They are such realistic characters and it's one the things I loved about them.

This one didn't have as much sex, but that is because the circumstance they are in this one. I mean, they can't exactly go at it like rabbits if they were camping with Ty's brother Deuce and father Earl.

Ty's family is so dysfunctional, it's so entertaining. I thought Earl was an utter asshole by the way he spoke to Ty, and even Zane who he had just met. It was like whatever Ty does isn't enough in his father's eyes and it angered me so much, I just wanted to put Ty in my pocket and protect him from his father's harsh words.

I really liked Deuce and his psychoanalysing ways, or his shrink ways. I thought Mara was sweet but a strong women, I would like to read more about her. Hopefully I get that chance in future books in the series. Chester and his shovel is just epic, that is all.

I swear every time Ty and Zane nuzzled each other, yes you read correctly I said NUZZLED each other, I had butterflies.
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Kelly Great review, Monique! Glad you enjoyed it!

Nathalie Awesome review Monique! I adored the nuzzling too, when Ty would nuzzle his head beneath Zane's. True there werent as many sex scenes but um... The one in the woods... Um... *grins!!!

Monique The one in the woods definitely deserves mentioning, so does the one in Ty's room! Unf.

Nathalie oh hell yes!! I love it when *spoiler* bottoms, so damn sexy!!

Monique You're going to love book 3 then! We have a lot of chat about once you finish readng it, hehe.

Nathalie I can't wait! Heard a lot about this steamy blow your mind sex scene, needless to say I'm VERY excited!!!

Steph Omg, the woods scene! WOW.
Like you all said, there weren't as many sex scenes, but holy hell the ones we did see were fantastic. I love how their connection is becoming so much stronger. It really shows through their sex lives too. Beautiful!
I loved this series :)

Monique I totally agree. The connection they are building together is so beautiful. I've just started reading the fourth book and it makes me smile at how far they've come and how comfortable they are together in the beginning of it.

Steph Ooh I love those scenes. I am devastated that I have to wait for like a year for the next book :(

Nathalie omg I don't wanna think about the wait for the next book *whimpers and i'm only up to book 3!! hahaha Mon, I just started Fish & Chips omfg I am seriously in love, I've got Ty and Zane on the brain all day. I'm trying not to read your review until I've finished but I just get this feeling in the pit of my stomach... with the rings... and the gears in Ty's brain... *fans self

Karla Great review Monique! Oh my how I love when they nuzzle!

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