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Born to Bite by Hannah Howell
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Sep 05, 12

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Read from August 24 to 29, 2012

Dark Secret by Hannah Howell

Murdina was in search of the only family she had left when she stumbled upon the devilishly handsome Sir Gillanders. Try as she might to stay away from him she finds she can't not keep away. When she hears men planning his murder its spurs her into action, giving her no choice but to leave with him.

This was a good story. Good compatible characters and a good love story. Plenty of steamy scenes and a good amount of romance. The overall story was entertaining and engaging. I've found that the few stories I have read in the past I read by Hannah Howell I have also enjoyed a lot.
My rating 4

Highland Vampire by Diana Cosby

In a rush to flee the towns people (aka lynch mob) that branded her a witch and now chase u to kill her Rowan runs across a naked man whom is obviously injured. Compelled to help the naked man she pulls him away from the stones only to find herself in the arm of a real life vampire.

After being saved by the beautiful woman Aedan finds he has just stumbled upon his destined mate something he has searched long time for. But fate has a wicked since of humor not only is she human and will live only a humans life span she is also faye and ancient law prohibit the turning of a faye, or risk death buy the faye queen.

This story was very intriguing it had lots of trials to overcome but it made the story very entertaining. I’m not normally a huge faye fan but the faye twist was an interesting one.
My rating 3.5

Never Been Bitten by Erica Ridley

Ellie was just supposed to go in and prove or disprove miss Breckenridges clam of Mr Macane being a blood sucking vampire. But once she meet the striking gentleman she found she didn't care one way or another as long as he kept his attentions on her. But the more time spent in Cains presents the more changes Ellie found her body making, the biggest change would be the fangs the suddenly appeared after a heated kiss with Mr. Macane.

This was a good story the outline of it was interesting. I just felt it took a little too long to get there. All stories need some description and narration but this one seem to have a bit too much for my likening and not enough dialog. I felt the ending was a bit lack luster as well. I thought the overall concept of the story was entertaining but it missed the mark for me in the end.
My rating 2.5

Overall Rating: 3.5 stars

- Athenna

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