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The Vampire Hunter's Daughter by Jennifer Malone Wright
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Firstly I want to say it takes a lot to get me this annoyed and to actually add on to a review. But I feel it necessary!

Beware, do not write what you truly think on here or anywhere else is you agree with me. You will get nothing but hassle!! You will find my original thoughts on this book below, but since I have had NOTHING but grief from the author, and her friends, and a few others on my FB review page, I thought I’d add more too it. It seems I’ve been condemned for not mentioning the storyline and for having my own thoughts and opinions. However I notice a lot of reviews of this book don't mention the storyline, but hey, since they are 4-5 star reviews, they don't have to. So here goes.

Chloe is a young girl who’s life, world is changed forever after one awful night where she witnesses her mother get killed. She learned her mother was a vampire hunter. She then has a lot to deal with, she needs to adjust and learn more about herself.

Also I understand it says a short story. But to my mind, there is a difference between a short story and something almost none existent.

OK, finished. Below are my thoughts.

I’m sorry to those who like this book, but I found it... pointless. This is just the start of a story. That is it. Nothing more and nothing less. Not original, not... anything. I’m sorry, I’m an author myself and I know harsh reviews can be upsetting, but we all get them. My MAJOR gripe is the fact that all these books are tiny. All part of the same story. All SOLD separately!! Well, rip-off. Just stating a fact here. If you have a story to tell, then tell it in a book, full length one, instead of expecting people to pay for pretty much a chapter or two at a time. Hell, what a way to make money. Hey, why doesn’t everyone do that?? Oh yeah, because we don’t rip off our fans!

Can’t say anymore than that. Didn’t like it. Gave it two stars because I HATE giving 1 star reviews, and lets be honest, the cover is pretty. That’s it. Other than that, I'm glad I didn't spend money on it.
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Louise Charleston I've just read this... OMG it was awful. I heard about this author and her cronies trying to bad mouth a review. Fucking idiot. She needs to get a grip. I heard they said a lot of nasty things about you, even called you evil, and a hater, and mean spirited. What bitches. Fuck me not everyone likes to read a few pages of complete shit.
I too think it's a rip off, and if they want to start with me they can. I'll make sure a hell of a lot of people know about it.

You stick to being honest and having your own opinions. Fuck the idiots who tried to bully you and fuck the author. She's a prick, obviously for starting the ball rolling on a hate campaign. I've heard a lot of people say they won't read this series now. Not because of the review, but because of what the author and another author friend of her started. Disgusting creatures.

You didn't even give it one star and was very nice about it. So if they try putting words in your mouth, just send them the link to this.

I think a lot of the high rating on here are friends or paid for.

Danielle Authors doing that = nobody buying their books. Wish people would be smart enough to not buy 50 pages for a dollar but sigh not everybody can be smart.

Michele The copy I downloaded had some grammatical errors too which really makes me dislike the author and editor... Plus... Too frickin short. I'm not wasting my money to buy like 20-50 page books! It's pointless!

chucklesthescot What a horrible thing to happen to you...thanks for telling us about it.

Elisia I agree with you and if the author and her friends are hassling you then to me that shows she cannot take criticism and should rise above it. Not everyone likes the Harry Potter series but you don't see JKR hassling those who read the books and said what they think. Write your review with pride!

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