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Where We Belong by Emily Giffin
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Aug 24, 12

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** Contains Spoilers

I have been a long time fan of Emily Giffin's books. Something Borrowed and Something Blue will always be my all time favorites. However, her books have seemed to go downhill lately. Heart of the Matter was the first time where she introduced a story that was told from two points of view. I thoroughly enjoyed that book and it looks like she tried to create the same success by writing from two points of view again.

However, she failed.

Marion is incredibly unlikable and unrelatable. I found myself relating more to Kirby, Kirby had spunk, however, the adoption issue overshadowed the whole book for me. Giffin's views on adoption are entirely cliche' and have no real bearing on true adoptions. Not all adoptees feel lost, and not all people that choose adoption for their child hide the fact from every single person except for their mother. Kirby's feelings seemed to be something that Giffin picked up from advice column's or some other fluff area and didn't seem to have any merrit.

I think if she had done some true research into adoption and the true feelings associated with the process, then the book would have been better.

The part that disgusted me the MOST about this book is that Marion kept the adoption secret from the birth father for Kirby's entire life, and then Kirby and Marion show up on the birth father's doorstep and go out to lunch. I enjoy the fact that Kirby and her father have potential for a birth father/daughter relationship going forward. That's about all that I enjoyed from that part of the book.

At the end of the book, Giffin leaves the door open for a romance between the birth parents... REALLY??? WHY would ANYONE who was lied to about having a child want ANYTHING to do with the person that caused him so much pain EIGHTEEN YEARS after they first met? They met EIGHTEEN years ago, dated for a few weeks (when they were eighteen) and parted ways when Marion found out she was pregnant. And yet... we are supposed to assume that there is lingering love there, AFTER the birth father found out about the eighteen year lie??? I don't think so.

It doesn't make any sense to me. I will be incredibly dissappointed if there is a sequel about a romance between Marion and Condrad.

One other thing that I usually enjoy is the updates from characters from prior books thrown into her new books. This update was not like any of the others, this update from prior characters was just thrown into one chapter of the book at a group dinner. There was no context to the update, it was almost as if she just HAD to update SOME CHARACTER and she just chose an outing to say "oh hey, this is so an so, and this is where they are now".

As a long time fan, I am very dissappointed in this book. I'm actually sorry that I pre ordered it and paid extra shipping to have it on my doorstep on the day it came out.

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♥ Marlene♥ Great review. I have read 50 % but I am going to call it quits. Loved her first few books. Did not like her book about the not wanting to have a baby. (The one she is referring in this book to) and this one is not good at all.

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