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To Touch the Stars by Jeremy Pack
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Aug 24, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: mm, romance

I immediately eyed this book when I first saw it and read the blurb. All the positive reviews made me even more curious about it. I'm glad to say I can confirm them, because to me too this book was fantastic. Not everything was perfect, I did have some minor problems with a few things, but overall it's a beautiful story, not just of love, but of people and their dreams and what we're willing to sacrifice to achieve them and what it takes us to realize that sometimes the real dream is right there, at arms' lenght, waiting for us to just understand it and grab it.
The two main characters, Nick and Tait, are both very fascinating. I warmed up more to Tait, but I liked Nick too. They both have big dreams and they pursue them relentlessly: Nick wants to fly and "touch the stars", Tait wants to discover the truth and bring it to everyone. Going after those dreams is not easy nor is painless, as Nick and Tait find and lose each other repeatedly, until they realize that their feelings are worth the risk of losing everything else.
I only had two minor problems with the book. The first was the character of Eleonor, whom I never liked, not even in the end when she tried to redeem herself. She felt a bit like a clichè at times: the meddling, lying woman often present in romance. The second problem was that after a while, it got frustrating to see Tait and Nick give each other up for this or that reason.
But as I said, they were minor problems and didn't take away from my enjoyment of the story.
The writing is fantastic. The research put into this book and the beautiful and poetic descriptions made me feel like I was right there in the sky with Nick and in the terrors of war with Tait. Impossible to remain indifferent.

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Quotes Manuela Liked

Jeremy Pack
“I always dreamed of the stars. Getting as high as I could so I could reach out and touch them. I didn’t realize, not until I’d seen the Earth from orbit, that I’d been dreaming the wrong dreams. Everything that matters, everything that’s important, is right down here.”
Jeremy Pack, To Touch the Stars

Jeremy Pack
“Someone once told me that life changes, and you give up old dreams so that new ones can take their place. I held on to this dream [...] I kept it safe and close to my heart. I could never let go of it, because a part of me always knew you’d come back for it one day.”
Jeremy Pack, To Touch the Stars

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