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Cavern of the Blood Zombies by Lei  Xu
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Sep 17, 2012

did not like it
Read from August 26 to September 17, 2012

Summary: A family of grave robbers go on a big adventure to find fabulous treasures in an ancient grave.

Things I liked:

Setting: Modern China is a country I don't know very much about, I found it pretty interesting to get a bit of an insight via this story (which is reportedly really popular there).

Pace: Pretty fast and furious, keeps things moving nicely.

Things I thought could have been done better:

Less exposition: The characters seem to try and explain everything they do in very unemotional and quite jarring bits of exposition. Could have benefited from a bit of 'show don't tell'.

Translation: The mate that put me onto this reckons the character and story are told in very poetic and moving language. This didn't come off in the translation I read that felt more like an 8 year old telling you a story about how he 'beat all the bad guys with his super gun by being more awesomer that everyone.

Highlight: (view spoiler)

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15.0% "Translation doesn't seemt to be doing this book any favours but it still seems to be an enjoyable action romp. Bit more description of landscape would be good the early sections seem to assume I know what the landscape of different chinese regions look like."
31.0% "Very hard to get over the matter of fact way that everyone accepts the business of grave robbing, eating human flesh etc. Very hard to believe. It's like Indiana Jones, meets Saw !!"
42.0% "Second dungeon dive is still pretty good. Loved the bit when they counted up the shadows and found the unexpected + 1"

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