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The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen
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Dec 13, 2008

it was amazing
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The Rockefeller File was written over thirty years ago but so much of what this book claimed that the global elite have in store for the world has come to pass and proven to be true that it really makes your jaw drop.

One example are plans for something along the lines of the European Union, NAFTA, and North American Union being implemented, which has all of course come to pass. Another is the turning of communist China into a slave plantation for the big money capitalists of the world at the expense of the American manufacturing base and worker. People seem to forget all about the Rockefeller mafia sending their capo Kissinger, along with one of their own, Nelson Rockefeller, and the lackey Nixon as a front, over there in the 1970's to get the ball rolling. There is a quote in this book from David Rockefeller where he drools like a starving dog over the disposable and enslavable labor pool that exists in China that really says it all.

Another thing that most people don't know about is the Rockefellers control of the Standard Oil group which includes under their umbrella Exxon, Chevron, Phillips, Amoco, Marathon, BP and others. They also control major American banks like Chase Manhattan, and others. They founded the Trilateral Commision and (through Mandell House) the CFR. They set up fake "philantropist" foundations to fund organizations and causes that make them more money and further their globalist agenda as well as put up money for shills that feign opposition (Chomsky, Buchanan, Nader, Moore, various environmental groups, etc) but really subvert any real resistance to the new world order agenda. They and other uber capitalists even had a huge hand in funding the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and perpetrated the whole "cold war" hoax. I really could go on and on but I'll just leave you with those as a few examples. I mean forget about any "freemasons", "zionists", "jesuits" etc type of theories as to who is really pulling the strings. Just follow the money trail and you'll see that its the Rockefellers and a few other oligarchical families and cabals that are the top of the food chain in creating this sick destructive new world order that is a conspiracy against ALL people, cultures and races.

I had always been leery of Allen and his work because of his close association with the John Birch Society (I think its open to debate but a lot of evidence points in the direction of the JBS being a shill/controlled opposition organization) but this book helped bring a lot of things into focus for me as far as deciphering the globalist agenda/conspiracy so I have new found respect for the man. Gary Allen should be held in high regard along with Antony Sutton and Eustace Mullins as people who did the leg work that exposed much about the new world order conspiracy that other writers are selling books and riding the coattails of.
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