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Death by George Pendle
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Dec 10, 2008

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Death a life by george pendle really struck my interest mainly because of the picture on the front.Obviously its about "death" well as a person (grim reeper).George pendel really sets the scene of hell and all the characters that inhabit it.My favorite character would have to be death himself of course mainly because,he takes his job seriously and handles matters professionally.He helps people sometimes even as they are souls to cope with going over to the other side,and that just shows how much respect for the dead he has.Which i've seemed to aquire over the years.If your someone who enjoys a good laugh about people and their beleifs george pendel is an author you should be interested in.George pendel wanted to portray life and death through the eyes of the one person who'd tell it like it is.Through death he tells the raw and uncut version of how things came about,heaven hell and the earth.Through deaths travel he reveals important famous people who have forever changed the earth and many of the people who've created religious backgrounds.What kept me reading was the great way he used the imagery and descriptions of the places death went and the people he met and knew.For example his mother ,"She would go back to combing through her snakes and vommiting bile down her chest, and i would watch enraptured." "fangs glistening in her mouth,empty eye sockets brought out the sickly palor pf her skin,the familar odor of decay hung around her." That was mother.This in the first part of the book captivated me and forever left me with a disgusting mental image of his mother sin.She of all the other characters is my least favorite.She's rude to death and is always too busy with herself to be around death,also she just sucks up to satan all the time but hey its satan.The end of the book wasnt very easy to predict since things kept changing and death was always moving, but it kept me reading and wanting more which is ultimatley what matters.If i thought this book should be casted for a movie i'd choose characters but i dont think anyone would have as good ability of portraying the books character as the book does.This book made me question religions and peoples ideas on heaven and hell.It definatley motivated me to go and do my own research on ones they mentioned.This is my favorite quotes from the book "I could see all of existence balancing precariously on a tightrope above me,my role i realized was to catch it."At last i had found my calling." "I'd be the death of you all."

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Lori Sounds like a great book - so many books, so little time!
Grade: 100

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Minimoule No truer words have been said on this site.

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