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Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
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Aug 23, 2012

really liked it
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Read from August 23 to 25, 2012

I liked it. I just didn't like it as much as i liked the other stories of the Kate Daniels series.
I like Andrea. I won't say that i like her more than Kate. Because they're different characters, and to which one their strenghts, and then, there are some storylines which i prefer above others. Unfortunately, this wasn't one of them. That is my main problem with this story, i just wasn't all that interested in it.

I like the characters, but the storyline wasn't a favorite...
Well maybe, i can just blame it on the snakes....way too much snakes, for my tastes!! :)

And then on the "romance department" i still prefer Kate and Curran "sitting on a tree", to quote Andrea, to this one and Raphael.

I like the way Andrea's strenghts and frailties are portrayed in this story. One would never know how much the past still haunts her...
Even though she started her life as a victim, through the years, with all the choices she made, she has made everything in her reach to never be one again. She's loyal to those she considers her family, and friends. She loves guns, she REALLY, loves guns _ lol _ and then there's Raphael. Her estranged mate.

The scenes where this two bicker and banter away, were amongst my favorites. But then, after a while i just felt like saying: Get on with it!
I think i would have liked reading a few chapters in Raphael pov. That would have helped me connect a little more with this character.

As always, with Ilona Andrews team, the secondary characters are as "grand" as the leading ones. And this one wasn't an exception. The scenes where Roman the black vohlv, appear were also amongst my favorites. So i will have to say that i'm looking forward in "seeing" him again in the "Kate Daniels" world.
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08/23/2012 " fim de quinze dias úteis eu recebi o meu livrinho!!
Aleluia!" 4 comments
08/24/2012 page 81
25.0% ""I leaned forward, my voice steady.'Are you high?'
"Did you smoke something before you decided it was a good idea to flaunt her in front of me? Maybe you ate some weird looking mushrooms?' (Andrea and Raphael, aka the idiot peacock, pg 42)"
08/24/2012 page 123
38.0% "Andrea 1, Raphael....0, lol

"I pictured myself reaching through the phone and slapping him off his chair. 'Thank you for your concern, but have no fear. I prefer men, not boys. That's why i'm not with you anymore.'
He snarled into the phone.
'Temper,temper, sweet pea.'" 21 comments

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Julija The 'sitting on a tree' scene still manages to crack me up every time I think about it. Andrea is one hell of a funny narrator :)

Susana Yes, she is! :) Everytime she says it, it's like i can almost hear her "singing it"!

Julija So true! Not to mention Curran is his usual possessive and territorial psycho self during it~ Damn, I'm drooling again.

Susana Yes, he is...and i love that about him! LOL

Marcia Hi, Susana! You were more generous than I with your rating. I wanted to give it 3-1/2 stars, but ended up with 3, even though I, myself, LOVE snakes! (Really, I do.) I just couldn't get into this story as much as I wanted to, without more Kate & Curran. It was good. But I didn't LOVE it.

Susana Hi Marcia. yes, i thought 3,5 to be a good score for this book. Like you, i also had problems geting into the story. I just couldn't get into the this story, as i did with the other ones. In terms of novellas, my favorite has to be Dali and Jim's story. I LOVED (lol) that story!
Oh, my God, just the sight of snakes makes me enter full screaming girl (shiver)

Marcia I promise not to show you any of my yard snakes, then. I have several harmless ones who visit me regularly, and I enjoy them so much. I've always liked reptiles, since I was little. All of them. Now I don't do SPIDERS, though. Eeeeeek. Too many hairy legs for ME!

Yeah, Gunmetal Magic gave us a nice "between" story to hold us over, but I'm really eager for the next Kate & Curran tale, now. I finally got my review up on Bookin' It yesterday, and I'm now reading Rob Thurman's newest, All Seeing Eye. Oooh, it's starting out pretty shivery, and good. This gal really CAN write.

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