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The Dog Stars by Peter Heller
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Aug 22, 2012

really liked it
Read from August 23 to 28, 2012

This book was really good...and really unique. I am challenged by how I "feel" about the book. Not in how it impacted me, but the writing itself. I do respect the book and I feel accomplished that I read it. But it was a challenging read, and not so much challenging that it makes it "better". I found myself getting lost in my own thoughts more times than I care for during any reading. It isn't that it didn't hold my attention - I often do this - but the writing style allowed my mind to flow elsewhere when the writing itself didn't. I fully understand and respect the style of writing. It just wouldn't be the same without it...nor as strong of a novel. And when my mind was involved, it was there 110 percent.

This novel is separated into three books. The prose in each consecutive book was a little less jarring and the narration a little more riveting and interesting, therefore I do have to say as the novel progressed, I enjoyed it more and more.

I am glad I read this book through and through. I do say I will have to read it again because I feel I missed a lot of what Heller was trying to reads to me like poetry; I get a lot of it, but it needs further investment to get all that is there. This is my first foray into post-apocalyptic writing and I do say I thoroughly enjoy it. Really, it begs the question... what if? Many passages refer to not knowing what you have until you lose it. The fear of the future instead of the happiness of the present, etc. It is a great novel for self and world (societal?) reflection. It doesn't do it in your face so it is really up to the reader to do so. I did so, and I enjoyed (if that can ever be the right word for a post-apocalyptic novel) that it did make me think.

I would recommend it (and have done so several times already).

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30.0% "This novel took quite a while to get into. The prose and plot is somewhat curt and spontaneous, but by design. By chapter three the narration picks up and is more involving. I am only at the brink of caring for Hig, the main character who lost his entire world, but his history is expanding at this point if briefly and I am beginning to care."
60.0% "I am hooked on this book, though I have a hard time getting my head wrapped around the storytelling. My mind seems to wander unless I know I have a lot of time to put in the effort (which I have less of nowadays), and it's not a book I seem to be able to pick up and read for 15 minute blocks. But again, I am hooked. I want to read it. I want the time to. Almost done with book 2 and it's much better than book 1."
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