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Superboy, Vol. 1 by Scott Lobdell
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Aug 22, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: comics, superman

There were a lot of good and potentially interesting routes they could have taken with this. Unfortunately, they made a lot of bad choices in execution. The first few issues move somewhat slowly as we go through some stuff that really doesn't seem that essential to the plot. Did we need that jarring random VR sequence? No. They could have just shown us that later. They try to build a mystery about Superboy caring where his DNA came from, but I just don't see it. Over the next several issues we have pointless fighting, a lot of random pointless antagonists, and incomprehensible decisions by both good guys and bad guys alike. Did we need to set up a prison break to test Superboy's powers? Why did Fairchild attack him and blow her cover? Why does Superboy risk his neck to save her? Why did Supergirl show up and plot dump about his destiny (Possibly answered in Supergirl)? The worst part is Superboy monologues over every comic. He is whiny and boring. It is difficult to care about someone when we don't know who they are, it is even harder to care about someone when they don't really seem that interested in finding out. Also crippling this series are the tie ins to Teen Titans (which I've already read) and Supergirl (which I haven't). They make the story incomplete and seem just like an annoying way to make you buy the other comics. This has been handled better many other times(even in the New 52). All you have to do is focus on your character and how they experience things, Superboy frequently fails to do that.

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