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Pride and Politics by Daisy Harris
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Aug 30, 2012

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I’m a big fan of Daisy Harris. Unfortunately, this was my least favorite in the Men of Holsum College series. I had trouble connecting with the characters on a consistent basis throughout the book. The flow of the story felt disjointed and I kept getting knocked out it. I had to make a conscious effort to adjust my thinking and keep up, which has never happened for me with a Daisy Harris book.

If you’re familiar with the series you’ll already know Hunter Ford. I’ve always thought of him as being conceited and cocky, basically he’s an arrogant prick. Transforming a character I actively dislike into someone I can connect with is a huge obstacle for an author to overcome. Harris did it though, she exposed a vulnerable side of him that has never been seen before. I started to understand him and actually began to empathize with him.

I was a fan of Steve’s the minute I met him. He’s a great guy. He stood up to Hunter and had all the nice guy qualities Hunter was lacking. He had his priorities in life figured out and wasn’t going to allow a cocky kid (a.k.a. Hunter) to screw it up. As Hunter and Steve grew closer, Steve really won me over by standing up for Hunter when he couldn’t do it for himself.

I was never pulled in by the two of them together. I saw they were good for each other but it always felt more like a HFN (happy for now) type of romance. As their relationship developed, the dynamics of the relationship changed. Steve became very submissive to Hunter and Hunter once again became that cold and untouchable guy I didn’t like. It seemed to work for them but I couldn’t make the transition with them on an emotional level. I felt very disconnected from both Hunter and Steve once they took the turn into a more dominant/submissive relationship.

This was a strange book for me. I really liked the first part of the book but once the relationship changed, I couldn’t go with it. I always have problems with books requiring me to understand characters craving a D/s relationship and I’m sure that’s what caused me to lose interest halfway through. Whatever the cause, my lack of connection with the characters made this just an average book for me.

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