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Demon Hunting in the Deep South by Lexi George
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Aug 22, 2012

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In this book we get to know a character introduced in the short story The Bride Wore Demon Dust. Yes, this book is about Nicole, AKA Mullet Woman, the former pole dancer and more recently former gas station attendant who cannot be separated from her Allihuahua, Frodo. She has decided to bring her unconventional attire and mullet hairstyle to Hannah the birthplace of weird stuff. Poor Nicole has been chased out of town by a Chihuahua killer. Unfortunately, said Chihuahua killer has arrived in Hannah to continue his rampage of canine murder.

It is really a shame that no one can see the bitchy ghost.

Meredith, AKA Deathstar, as a character was unredeemable. A former high school mean girl, then society harridan who tormented small business professionals, and is currently a ghost suffering from PTDD. Post Traumatic Death Disorder is normally something only seen in newly raised vampires, but Ms. George does a fine job of applying here. As I read about Meredith, I understand that creating this character purged some pretty angry emotions for the author. I had one gal that bullied me in high school, another who attempted to bully me in college, and I worked for one for a few years. I can see me writing either into a book, having her murdered then doomed to watch her friends slink after her husband while being forced to attend group therapy for being too bitchy to revel in the peace that comes with the afterlife.

Yeah, Ms. George, I am totally feeling you on this.

You are probably wondering when I will start writing about the plot and its love story. You can Google reviews of this book for that. I want to tell you about the quirky inhabitants of this book who had me laughing two nights in a row while reading it. Because, well, this is a silly book.

Another minor character favorite of mine is Lenora. Lenora, AKA "an inter-dimensional emotion-stealing hoochie mama", is in love. She is really a former sex slave who fed on the emotions of demon hunters like Ansgar. What she said to her boyfriend's ex-wife, AKA the Birth Canal, upon meeting her should be mounted on a plaque or made into one of those E-cards. Lenora's story line mingles with Evie and Ansgar's affair quite hilariously. As do the stories of all the other minor characters who I cannot wait to read about in the next installment.

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message 1: by Carrie (new)

Carrie Wow, there is a lot going on in that book! Your review me made laugh :D

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