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The Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer
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Dec 10, 08

really liked it
Read in December, 2008

What I love about Artemis Fowl is that, unlike Harry Potter, good things don't just happen to him because he was born special. Things happen his way because he's smart - he thinks ahead and he always out-plans his opponent. And he's just a kid. I've always loved books about an invincible kid hero. (think: Ender) But don't read these books looking for Ender. :-) Artemis is a criminal who makes just enough truly good decisions to keep him interesting all the way through.

The first book was a little harder for me to get into. Navigating the world of not-like-Tinkerbell fairies and Artemis' mind was so odd. (And it was on audio - maybe that made the difference.) But when I picked this one up (I skipped the 2nd by mistake.) I was familiar with the Artemis Fowl world, and the cast of characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book; it was a fast read and hard to put down.
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Keli I like the point you made about how Artemis Fowl wasn't born special, like Harry Potter. I think that's an element that can make his more relatable to tween boys. Of course, he still has staggering genious and vast wealth. ;)

Ruthie And aren't those fun qualities for your hero to have? :-)I wouldn't like him as much if he was totally realistic.

Srinivas born geniuses are mostly lonely, and Artemis Fowl is ,
1st book a bit hard to get into for me too. As u said, its a fast and easy to read and hard to put down.
i read 1st two parts in two days and now reading third one, i think i am addicted to Artemis Fowl.

Gretchen You make a very good point about Artemis not being the chosen one like Harry and countless other young adult protagonists. It makes him a more complex character in my opinion. I love them both, but Artemis is truly my favorite. I didn't find the first book difficult, but the second book, The Arctic Incident, was much less interesting and engaging. The Eternity Code is one of my many favorite Artemis Fowl books.

Aaron I liked your review but disagree that Artemis was to born special like Harry Potter. He is born as a super genius capable of inventing fantastical devices.also he is born super rich. I agree he is not magical but his genius and riches give him advantages far greater than Harry potter ever possessed. I still love both Artemis and Harry but lets not kid ourselves that Artemis is a normal kid who achieved great things by pulling himself up by his bootstraps.

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Palakshi Artemis Fowl was born rich and lived in a mansion.He met fairies that lived underground that could do magic and let's not forget he had a Bodyguard too! But Harry Potter was different ,he didn't like his fame ,he didn't want to be the chosen one ,yes he was a wizard that went to hogwarts and harry loved that but his parents,Sirius,Dumbledore and loads more died just because of him .Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl are very different

Tazriana Lodhi it's all very fair but I don't think that good things happened to harry potter just because he was born special, he had skill and he had many difficult circumstances in his life. Good things barely ever happened at all.

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Gwen Hendrickson I agree with all of you and love both characters on one hand Artemis Fowl did have the advantage of being rich but so did Harry Potter.And Harry is a complex character too.Personlaly I like Artemis better.(Don't judge my spelling I'm 12.)

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