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The Angel by Tiffany Reisz
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Aug 22, 2012

it was amazing
Read from August 25 to 29, 2012

"Many waters cannot quench love, Nor will rivers overflow it. Song of Solomon 8:7"

WOW, this was such an excellent story. I had heard that it was better than The Siren and it was indeed better and yet so different. Tiffany Reisz is such a beautifully talented writer that she has a way of making you forget you’re a reading an erotic novel until you are thrust into a very tantalizing sex scene.

The Angel takes place approximately a year and a half after The Siren. I was surprised that there was such a gap but I could see how it was necessary for the storyline to evolve. It appears that Søren and Nora have picked up right where they left off now 6 years ago when she left him. They are still in love and as active as ever in the bedroom. In the opening scenes of the book you can just see and feel how much Søren loves her and cares for her. It's so heartwarming and wonderful and she feels it and he loves giving her his love, I just can't get enough of him. It comes to light that Søren may be up for a promotion and will be investigated and he doesn't want Nora or Michael around so they arrange to leave.(view spoiler)

The reporter investigating Søren is a whore if you ask me. She has the audacity to make the following comment about Nora regarding having to investigate Søren: "All your fault, you slut." I don't like Suzanne, I think she's a terrible person who runs around demanding and having all kinds of sex with people. Ya she's got issues, who doesn't. Ya she's cute but she doesn't compare to Nora in personality or looks. She needs to get hit by a bus.(view spoiler) I think Nora showed Suzanne what was up, and I loved every minute of that conversation. I’m glad she was scared of Nora.

Griffin is such a fun character and I really thought that he would eat Michael alive. An entire summer with Nora and Michael and Griffin in the same house, even it is huge, was going to mean massive amounts of sex. I can’t say I was entirely surprised that Søren forbade those two from interacting. (view spoiler) Michael is a sweetheart with a beautiful soul and like most teenagers he doesn’t know what to do with the fantasies that plague him. Nora and Father S have given him that outlet and he is very grateful. The book starts out with him fantasizing about Nora primarily and telling her that he is lonely for her. That eventually changes ;)

Nora… that girl is still as funny and kinky as ever. The fact that she has only used her safe word twice in her life says a lot about how she was trained and her endurance for pain. (view spoiler) Nora, bless her heart cannot stop thinking about Wes. And for good reason; they have this incredible relationship. There are many good examples of their relationship but the Battleship scene was precious. Absolutely precious. I could see them sitting at the table with their hilarious banter and it just rang so true to real life. It was such a simple and honest moment that it touched me so completely and it made my heart ache for Nora because if I had had that and lost it, I’d long as well. (view spoiler)

Kingsley, I love me some Kingsley. I have had a hard time trying to figure out Kingsley. He had a huge secret exposed in this book. I predicted the situation, just not his involvement. (view spoiler) You find out so much more about King’s past in book 2. He’s a year younger than Søren and has a sister.

Søren, my sweet wonderful Søren. I’m team Søren and have always been and he made me swoon pretty heavily in this book. With the exception of the involvement of (view spoiler) He was so freaking sweet and caring and selfless. My god was he selfless. He has offered to give up the priesthood for Nora and be there for her but it wasn’t enough for her and now we know why it wasn’t enough. But more than Søren being a teddy bear at times (with a flogger in his hand) he was sexy. Oh god was he sexy. There is just something about him. When I see him in my head he is without a doubt Alex Skarsgard. Hands down that is Søren for me. Ya,ya I know Søren is like close to 50 but his face is a decade younger and that’s pretty close. You see more of their past in book 2 and it’s very nice to see. They have history that no one can touch, no one can replace and Suzanne said it best: “Father Stearns and Nora Sutherlin had something, a connection, an intimacy… something deep and unexplainable, something untouchable, unreachable.”(view spoiler)

I wanted to say how thankful I am to have received this ARC from netgalley.
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34.0% "'Michael, Eleanor is without a doubt the most beautiful woman who has ever or will ever live. If you could take a nighttime thunderstorm and turn it into a woman, you would have a very good idea what she looks like. And a fairly good idea how she behaves as well.'

I love that!"
48.0% "I'm Team Soren all the way, but he's making me a little mad at the moment :/" 1 comment
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Robin How do I get a copy ASAP??

Brennyn Pieper Hey Robin! I had to apply for it through I had to make a profile and then a blog in order to impress them enough to give it to me. It took 2 weeks to approve it and I was stressing that I wouldn't get it. You have to go through a lot of hoops but I think it's worth it. Corey made me my website and I just add my reviews. Let me know if you are going to try and I can help you though it :)

My blog:

Robin Wow, that is a lot of trouble to get a copy of an ARC! I pre-ordered The Angel last night. I posted a comment to her website, mentioning that I live in Lexington and have a lot in common with Wesley! She told me to come by and see her at Joseph-Beth on Thursday!

Brennyn Pieper Oh man I'm so jealous! Maybe we can take her for frozen yogurt when I'm there in December?! Have fun and take pictures Robin!

Robin I think that sounds like an excellent idea Brennyn! We will have to discuss this idea further in NOLA!

Ashley Boo Soren...

Robin OMG, I am just so jealous you have read this! Was it as good as you hoped? Better than The Siren?

Brennyn Pieper Robin, it was so good. Full of secrets and sex and fun and I cried at the end. I need The Prince ASAP and will be stocking netgalley! I'm still team Soren, probably more than I was, if thats possible :)

Brennyn Pieper Better than The Siren by far.

Robin Brennyn wrote: "Better than The Siren by far."

Holy cow, it sounds awesome! Tiffany posted today that those of us that love Wes will enjoy The Mistress (book 4)!!

Brennyn Pieper I would love to see the description of the mistress. I looked at the Prince before I read the Angel and I wish I would have waited. It was kind of spoilery. I hope you guys have fun tonight!

Robin Thanks, getting ready to head over to Joseph-Beth right now. Really looking forward to meeting Tiff!

Robin Glad I was finally able to fully read and digest your review! I hope that there is some way that Nora can have both Soren and Wes in her life, I love them both for her.

Nette Finished book one in a day! Cant wait to read book 2... Reisz weaves the shadow world of our deepest desires into a written melody of sight sound and emotion... She makes me deliciously lost ....Every time I think I know which way is up..she changes the rules. Love it!

Nette Couldn't put it down..finished it in a day and a half

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