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Oct 21, 12

it was amazing
Read from October 14 to 22, 2012

Welcome to my review of THE PERFECT GAME

There is a few things I want to say about the author of this book before I get started .
This is J.sterlings 3rd book . She wrote 2 other books in the YA genre .
In Dreams & Chance Encounters. Both are great books
I make no secret of the fact that I call Jenn AKA J.Sterling a friend . She is an amazing person with a larger than life personality, a sense of humour that calls to my funny bone lol & a huge heart that makes me love her. I can also be completely honest with her, especially about her writing. If I don’t like something she has written I CAN TELL HER without any concern because she has to love me afterwards lol .
So even though I know her I want you , the readers to know that THIS IS A 100% HONEST REVIEW !!!
When I finished reading this book I had tears in my eyes !......don’t judge me lol I’m not usually a sooky lala type of girl but I was sooooooo proud of Jenn for this amazing piece of work that I couldn’t help but get emotional !!
So much heart & soul when into this story that it just bled out of the pages & straight into me .
I started this book HOPING for a good read. I wanted this to show readers what I KNOW Jenn is capable of. What I got BLEW ME AWAY!!! It far exceeded all my expectations & took me to a place few book have. This book was a full body & mind experience for me .

Ok so let’s break the story line down for u a bit. I don’t do spoilers or even like to give hints of the plot of a book because that can take away from your reading experience so I will keep this simple .
Meet Jack, the hero of our story. Jack is a baseball player on the verge of hitting the big time . He is also a TOTAL MAN WHORE!!!! LOL You know the type of guy I’m talking about girls?? He sleeps his way through the entire female student body. A Smoking HOT bad boy who never sleeps with the same girl twice. Every woman wants him (even if it’s just to know what he is like lol)……except for our heroine teeeheeee ohhh how I love that in the female lead.

Now meet my girl Cassie. Cassie is new to school & even though Jack does catch her eye at a party , she very quickly works out he is an over confident man-whore & there is NO WAY she is going to be 1 of Jakes many conquests. In fact the drooling , giggling fan-girls that follow Jack around makes her sick & her repulsion for Jack & his team of giggling vagina groupies grows stronger by the day .

But Cassie has caught Jacks eye too. She is different ….. for the obvious reason that she doesn’t just drop to her knees in a puddle of drool for him !! lol
Jack is determined to break down Cassie’s defences & BOY does Cassie have some good defences!!!! She has a wall around her heart like the Great Wall of China!!!
Jack works out early that it’s not just about the chase. Cassie is a “game changer” for him & he is willing to change the way he plays his game to keep this girl.

Now. I’m not going to give you any more hints on the plot …..That’s for you to find out when you read this book but there is something extra special about it that I want to share.

The stand out performance in this book for me was the scene’s that Jenn sterling chose to write from Jacks point of view!!!!
There was this scene ….OMG THIS SCENE!!! THAT I, As a reader have NEVER experienced from a male leads point of view & because of how it was written from Jacks POV it added soooo freaking much depth to the story!!!!!!! My reaction to this scene & how I viewed Jack after this scene would of been SOOOOO VERY DIFFERENT if I didn’t get to witness this from a front row seat inside jacks head . I WAS SO ANGRY, THEN HEART BROKEN, THEN SCARED, THEN ANGRY AGAIN!!!!! AARRRGGGGGG !!!! This was where shit got real girls!!!!!!
My heart was pound from here on in !!!!
I had a white knuckle grip on my Ipad that could crack cement!!!!
I burst into tears!!!
I was swearing like a drunken sailor!!!!
I was sooo mad at Jack. Soo broken hearted for Cassie & how she was hurting.
What amazed me though is that my tears weren’t just for Cassie, They were also for Jack !!!
His sheer desperation crushed me!! He knew this stupid fucking moment of undeniable idiocy would take away what he loved most. All his hopes & dreams ….his whole future torn away from him …….AND ITS ALL HIS FAULT!!!!!! No-one to blame but himself . He was going to live the rest of his life with pain & regret all because of one COCK-DRIVEN DUMB-ASS MISTAKE …AAARRRGGGGG !!!!!

Ok …hold on ….sniff sniff……….i just need a minute to pull myself together …………..& mayb a mouth full of chocolate …………sniff …………………ok …OK im a little better now .
Alright im back ….lol sorry about that little break down but that’s just how worked up this book got me .
Now to be fair to Jack there was a certain SKANKY MOLE of a girl that some of the blame can go to for all my heart break but I CAN NOT talk about her without feeling a rush of violence so lets leave her out of this lol .

This book brought out the DIE-HARD ROMANTIC in me.
It takes a special Author to takes a relationship that has been sooo shattered & trust broken so badly by an unforgivable act & through pure genius make us want to fight for the hero that has done us wrong !!!!
Make us , as readers forgive or move past that wrong. Make us want to BITE, CLAW, PUNCH, SCRATCH & SCREAM our way back to our HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!!!!

This book was an absolute winner for me .

It took me on a ride full of deep emotion , heart pounding moments of pure angst & real love that left me with no doubt of my happily ever after .

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Sara When is this out?

message 2: by J. (new) - added it

J. Sterling holy freaking hell. i love you. this review is going to make me cry! lol THANK YOU! :)

message 3: by D (new) - rated it 4 stars

D you are so freakin right!!!! -- if it hadn't have been told from Jack's POV we would have gone through the rest of the book thinking what an Effing Dumb F*** but being told how it was-- you got to see that he too realized his epic idiocy. good call Sali--- cuz now that I sit and ponder for a moment that is the pivotal moment that I understood Jack and my heart felt for him and of course where Jenn made me F'ing ugly cry -- dammit!!!
You totally summed up the Goddess too-- I have not met her except thru facebook and I feel her heart and her personality. She is definitely like the sun!

Sali J. wrote: "holy freaking hell. i love you. this review is going to make me cry! lol THANK YOU! :)"

i luv u too my ABE ;) I meant every fucking word i wrote !!!.....i even really had to get up and take some time out & eat chocolate when typing about THAT FUCKING SCENE !!!!......ohhh shit here i go again ...i swear my heart starts to race as soon as i think about it !!!!!

Sali D wrote: "you are so freakin right!!!! -- if it hadn't have been told from Jack's POV we would have gone through the rest of the book thinking what an Effing Dumb F*** but being told how it was-- you got to ..."

D !!!!!! I KNOW RIGHT !!!!!!!!
Having that from jacks head space CHANGED EVERYTHING !!!!! & u know what also changed things for me ??? ??? well let me tell u lol ...when he woke up in the morning after ...u know that EPIC FUCKUP GGGRRRRRR & it hits him what he has done , he is in instant pain & regret , jumps straight up & out of bed & calls cass yes he did pussy out so he loses a point but that scene changed things for me . he called he knowing it could prob be the last time he got to hear her answer the phone & be happy to hear from him !!!.....ohhh ffs why did i start talking about this more i will turn into a sooky lala again !!!!

Alyssa I couldn't agree more about the benefit of getting to see that scene from Jack's POV. GREAT job on Ms. Sterling's part! :]

Krystal Couldn't have said it any better !

Sali OMG krys !!!! I'm so glad u finally read this book !!!!!

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