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Wicked 2 by Nancy Holder
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Sep 03, 2012

Read from August 29 to September 03, 2012

the series is getting really good, although quite aggravated with the number of careless mistakes in book 4 (Spellbound). in one sentence Nicole is saying the bedroom James took her to is not the same bedroom as the one at Supreme Coven HQ, next sentence she's saying he repaired the broken door and took his things from the hidden cubby in the headboard. @@ there were tons of careless things like this, the most aggravating of which occurred at times where people were being listed at an event, and they'd throw in someone's name who was clearly on the other side of the world in captivity. then the action would start and all the sudden its a different person, imagine that. happened more than once and was confusing & annoying.. she must've written this in a rush.

annoyed at how weak Holly is in the final showdown at Supreme Coven HQ. all she does is lob fireballs. really? the most powerful witch alive? heh. that looks to be Alex, if you ask me. Holly's return from exorcism is anti-climactic.

i don't like Alex, but at least he's interesting. the Holly-Jer thing is getting boring. so Jer feels hideous and evil? blah blah blah who cares? oh, Holly does. but he's too blind to see it. its about time she moves on..

would love to see who Nicole's baby daddy is.. surely thats not the only major change to turn up because of Alex tampering with the timeline?

what sucks about finishing a book on a holiday? the library being closed so you cant go pick up the next book.

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