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Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione
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Dec 09, 2008

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2009

YES! YES! YES! Excuse me, I'm having a private moment ;) I finished "Passion Unleashed" by Larissa Ione and I must say that this is one series I'm so very glad I'm hooked on. Her Demonica novels take place in an intricately built world, with enough differences from the raft of paranormals available to distinguish themselves. The characters are NOT one-dimensional caricatures of one creature or another...oh no, Ione has a vast selection of characters with multi-layered personalities on top of the traits attributable to their species and these differences from the average urban fantasy or paranormal romance today are just a couple of the things that make her novels stand-outs, IMHO :)

In "Passion Unleashed" we finally get the story of Wraith, a sex demon who's 'gotta have it'! So 'have it' he does...often and with vigor. He's the 'bad boy' of the three brothers we've read about so far and Ione certainly puts him to the test in his love story. Wraith has been infected with a poison that has no antidote. He's only got one chance to save his life...find the 'Chosen' virgin and 'deflower' her. Hey! He's a sex demon--no problem.

Serena is one of the 'Chosen'--she holds a relic that would be pivotal in the event of Armageddon. This same relic is all that protects her from an incurable disease she contracted at a young age. So holding on to her virginity isn't really a choice...it's the only thing keeping her alive. Good thing Armageddon isn't on the calendar, huh? Ummm, hold that thought. There's a fallen Angel turned renegade and he's after Serena's relic. So the chase...I mean race, is on. Oh, just one more thing. The fallen Angel can TAKE the relic from Serena, but Wraith will have to seduce it from her. But really, sex demon, no problem, right?

I don't mean to make this book sound like a light-heated paranormal romance, because it's not. Although there is much more humor in this story than the previous two, it's still a nail-biter of a suspense/action novel. And Ione doesn't let the action/suspense overcome the love aspect either. Both Wraith and Serena face life and death decisions that will affect not just themselves, but their friends, loved ones, and heck...the whole world! No pressure.

Others have reviewed "Passion Unleashed" and gone into more detail so I won't take up your time with more words. What I will say is that if you like urban fantasy, spicy paranormal romance, action and suspense, drama, and hot supernatural creatures...RUN, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore and pick up this whole series.
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message 1: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Great review! I just bought the book last night and didn't get to read it (too many others). But now it has moved up significantly on the list.

message 2: by Auntee (new) - added it

Auntee Okaaay..have officially bumped up the entire series, all the way up the mountain.:D
You've done it to me again...

MelissaB Great review Julie! I am so impressed with this series, all three books were so much fun to read. The books are sexy, dark, edgy and full of action. The darker tone reminds me a bit of the BDB plus the author is not afraid to test the boundries of what is normally allowed in a romance - but she wrote it so well that I was willing to go with whatever happened.

Shawna About time you bumped it up the pile Auntee! LOL! This has definitely become my favorite paranormal series after BDB! I LOVE it!! Great review Julie!

message 5: by Auntee (new) - added it

Auntee Now I can't wait to start them...

Corrine Great review as always... but this "the author is not afraid to test the boundries of what is normally allowed in a romance" has made me nervous. Anyone care to elaborate? I have the first book in my TBR and it will probably come up pretty quickly since I don't have many paranormals in my TBR.

MelissaB Haha Corrine, you afraid to test the boundries? LOL

What I meant was that there were some things you don't always see in romance but didn't bother me at all because they were written so well. The first book has a love scene between the H/H very quickly but it didn't bother me because it made sense in the story - sometimes the insta-sex is a real turn off for me. The heroes are all Seminus demons (incubi) so they need to make love a couple of times a day or at least every time they get turned on or they die. The demons can't control their instincts but they try not to hurt people. There is a big difference between humans and demons, the heroine in the first book is a demon slayer who finds out that the world isn't black and white (humans = good, demons = bad) and manages to fall in love with a demon. So basically you have to keep in mind the nature of the heroes and not judge them by human men standards.

The second book was a bit more risky, the heroine and hero were together in the first book but she broke it off after she caught him doing something VERY bad - you just don't often see a romance start off with the hero getting caught like that then seeing them get back together and find an HEA. There are also some slight BDSM included toward the end, but nothing too bad - if you have read Lover Unbound, I would say it is about the same level.

The third book doesn't have anything I would consider to be "boundry" testing. It was pretty normal for a paranormal romance.

I really enjoyed this series, I recommend at least trying the first book to see what you think. The action is pretty much non-stop, the love scenes are very hot and the characters are layered and intriguing.

Shannon (Giraffe Days) I bought the second book, Desire Unchained, not long ago (I loved the first when I read it last year and was keeping an eye on her in the romance section, waiting for the next one) but I had no idea the third one was out too? Bummer, and I've just been to the bookshop too!

(I haven't read #2 yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Her first book wowed me)

Corrine Okay, thanks, Melissa! It's not so much about "testing the boundaries", it's more that I know what I like and don't like and I don't want to waste my time. But I think I can live with what you described.

MelissaB Corrine,

I think you will know by the end (or maybe before) of the first book whether you like the author's style and want to continue, the book may have elements you don't like. I tried to state the main points above without giving spoilers to help you make a decision. I understand what you mean about knowing what you like, I have a "typical" formula that makes a book a keeper (or just a good read) for me but sometimes I am surprised by what I end up liking.

Julie (jjmachshev) Thanks to all for their compliments and Corrine pegged it perfectly. Things I might not normally accept...well, Ione makes it believable and part of the plot so it doesn't 'shock'. Corrine said it better but I do agree.

Eastofoz Julie is this more urban fantasy than romance? I don't like urban fantasy so I want to make sure I'm getting my dose of "good lovin'" if I pick it up :p

I've never read anything by her so this would be a first.

Julie (jjmachshev) I would say that it does lean towards urban fantasy. If you like J.R. Ward's BDB, then I think you'll like this series too. If BDB wasn't your thing...you may want to pass!

Eastofoz I like the BDB. Hmmmm, is it more like Ward's later or earlier BDB books Julie? Urban Fantasy alone bugs me so much that I do everything I can to avoid it (lol!)

Julie (jjmachshev) Earlier-definitely. There's plenty of passion...

Eastofoz Ok then! On the shopping list it goes :D

Julie (jjmachshev) You can blame me if you don't like it ;)

message 18: by Auntee (new) - added it

Auntee East, it's not quite as good as the BDB (but then what is) but it's pretty good. I need to get back to this series...

Eastofoz LOL Julie!

So true Auntee! Lara Adrien's Midnight Breeds has often been hailed as the next best thing after the BDB but I really didn't like it after trying the first two books. Kept reminding me of a poor copy attempt :(

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