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A Bloody Storm by Richard Castle
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Aug 21, 2012

it was ok
Read in August, 2012

Trying to think of praise for A Bloody Storm and I'm drawing a blank, because, unfortunately, this is by far the worst thing purportedly authored by Richard Castle I've ever read. I mean, none of the books are particularly good, they're novelties meant to promote the show, but there's still a degree of wit and appeal to them. Except this, of course, this novella just feels like it was phoned it.

I wasn't expecting much, the Derek Storm and April Showers characters are already established in A Brewing Storm and the plot's a continuation of A Raging Storm, all A Bloody Storm had to do was bring it home. I guess it does, sort of, at least the ending, but the rest of the story is just mechanical and stilted and the writing feels like it's just solely to get the story over with. This one just wasn't fun, reading it felt like a chore, like the author's just tying up loose ends from the previous books without really thinking about plots or characters, so the majority of scenes, the Russian gold angle, something with Islamic terrorists, down to a torture by car battery scene thrown into the middle, all of it feels rather cliched, been there done that.

As for Storm and Showers, I really miss how they were from the first book, because the Derek Storm here isn't really witty, except for a few lines of dialogue with Showers now and then which unfortunately as a result felt forced. The new throwaway characters this around made an even weaker impression on me than the cast of A Raging Storm and their motivations and reasonings made even less sense; Tangiers seems to have been brought up just so the one thing haunting Storm at the beginning of this trilogy could be neatly resolved this time around, details and character be damned. And all of it just added to the sense that the author writing this thing was just going through the motions wrapping things up.

But nothing annoyed me more than Uzbekistan being used as an adjective over and over again, Uzbekistan bakeries, Uzbekistan authorities, the works. I guess it's too much for me to expect the author of a spy thriller to know when to use Uzbek and when to use Uzbekistan, but I’ll just take it as a sign of all the phoning in that’s lead to this utterly mediocre novella.
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