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Wanderlust by Ann Aguirre
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Aug 21, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: epic-battles, epic-couples, futuristic, heartbreaker, murder-she-wrote, series, shoot-em-up, tortured-hero
Read from August 21 to 22, 2012

This one was utterly exhausting.

This one picks up right where Grimspace left off, and Jax is facing some bigwigs over the fact that now everyone knows what really happened to her on that ship, and that the Corp were behind it. Now it's time to play the politics game, and they want Jax to be ambassador and meet with Vel's preying mantis-like people and get them to become best friends and join the Conglomerate.

Really? They want to send Jax?

Some people want her to succeed, while others want her to fail, because now that the whole system is in turmoil over the shenanigans the Corp pulled, pirates and the like want things to stay crazy and loose. But Jax isn't alone. She's got Dina right there with her, ready to battle as usual, and she's got March.

Oh, March.

Big, bad, tough guy pilot is right there after the absolute craziness at the end of Grimspace. This guy was ready to END THE WORLD over her, and now he's watching over her. Worrying. Wondering about her health. This guy is all tough guy fierceness on the outside with a battered vulnerability at the center. He needs Jax, and isn't afraid to tell her so. But she's feeling weak and sick and worrying what that means not just for her, but for March, and so begins their issues this go 'round. It's not hot, sexy times. They're so in love, and are breaking each other's hearts a little more each chapter. It's hard to watch, but you just NEED TO KNOW.

It's just one big block of mayhem. Things just keep happening, and when they're strapped into their spaceship ready to go here all of a sudden there over there instead and they're there for forever because all hell is breaking loose. And all the while, Jax is sort of losing her mind. There's something going on with her body, she's not healing right, and even her hair isn't growing back. She's weak, and because of this, she's on the outside of a lot of the stuff that's happening, and that made it both hard to read and impossible to put down. You desperately need to know what comes next and are hoping you get there quick because everything is falling apart.

You meet Jael, the pretty boy with a surprising bite. He's different too, no surprise there since he ended up with this bunch. Vel is on the scene and is one of the best parts of this book. Keri is back on Lachion being the new queen and there's an alliance with her and Lex's people, and then CRAZY ENSUES and it's more exhausting chapters of them being stuck while a war rages. One Jax can't get to. All of this leads to a pretty sexy tent scene and then the one that absolutely gutted me. Jax has just knifed her way into my gut, and when she hurts, she hurts big and it feels real and it's too much and the world is falling apart, but you just sort of want to sit down with her and cry for awhile.

When you get to the last scenes it really shows how far Jax has come, and how much still has to happen. A new path is laid out and it looks like it's going to just get more and more insane with crazy battles and bloodshed, all without ever forsaking emotions, achy romance or tough as nails character development.

Fragging awesome.


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