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Seeker by Jack McDevitt
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Dec 20, 2008

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The third of the Benedict novels, and they have kept improving over the course of the series.

This was the most interesting plot of the three to my mind and Benedict becomes an even more remote figure in a sense as all of the narrative comes from Chase's perspective.

One does get a bit irritated that after so many attempts on their lives that they have not come to expect it or planned a bit better for them. Only once this time around did prior planning prevent catastrophe, a slow learning curve given the number of times they've needed emergency services or funerals for friends.

Chase's excursion to the Mutes was really one of the best bits of the book and one had the sense that something really interesting might have happened as a result, but it didn't quite go far enough and fell back on a more predictable line.

McDevitt needs to work on his romantic bits as well. I enjoy subtlety, still... If you are going to have a sort of below the scenes action or unrequited love theme running in background a bit more support in the text would be appreciated.

Still, the premise was quite interesting. Again, I got there a bit ahead of the plot and felt I was waiting around for the reveal while a programmed combat phase took place, but still worth it.

Again the endings seem to slam shut without a satisfying wrap up.

Ideas good. Characterization needs some work and development as well. The plot is shortchanging itself in places. Interesting ethical conflicts are drawn out and then left to hang. And the characters are presented as smart and resourceful yet fall back on cops and robbers/Indiana Jones types of action.

Take the extra step. Please.

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