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Grimspace by Ann Aguirre
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This is what I love, and this is why I read and this is why there's not much that can get me as excited as finding a new book series to lose my shit over. There's not much better than opening a book right in the midst of THINGS HAPPENING and finding yourself amongst characters who need barely a few sentences to make themselves real. Sirantha Jax is a total badass who is unapologetic about the fact that she's gone nuts. She can't remember the crash that landed her here in a psych ward where they're basically breaking down her brain until she cops to the crash that killed everyone on her ship. She's a jumper, someone with a special gene, that is able to navigate Grimspace, which is crazy hyperdrive space flight that gets people from one galaxy to the next. As she's sitting there, about to break, someone walks into her room and doesn't say a word. He's big, gruff, and in a suit but he holds up his hand where it's written to not speak for 60 seconds.


Right out the gate! Jesus. And then you're literally thrown right into the middle of this world with no definitions or glossary. It's up to you to keep up and follow along, and in a lot of other stories I might have bailed. But like with the first Kate Daniels book, I stuck because of the characters. Jax had me hook, line and sinker and March? Dude who saved her?

Just...give me a minute.


He's not pretty. And he's got shelves of demons in his closet. But he throws himself back into flying Folly, their ship, after their pilot ends up dead trying to save Jax. They need a jumper, and she's it, and now she's Jumping with March flying the ship and the intensity of a relationship between a jumper and their pilot? It's off the charts. This person becomes your everything when you're jumping and it's just steal your breath fantastic.

A lot of things happen in this book, and at first it's a lot of searching for meanings behind WTF are they talking about because it's a world you're just shoved into. And yet THINGS HAPPEN and they keep on happening without waiting for any reader to keep up. You're racing alongside them trying to get a clear picture of, "Wait, what world are we in now? Wait, how did they...who is that?" But let me just say, that it doesn't matter. It's fast, it's hilarious, it's crazy and intense and so damn sexy and before you know it you're not even wondering what's what because you know and I NEED MORE. RIGHT NOW.

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