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Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich
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Aug 21, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: adult

The Good: Like most Evanovich novels, you're almost guaranteed a good time when you read Wicked Business. It's fun, it's relatively fast-paced, and the characters are always true to life. Lizzy and Diesel still share that ever-present conflicting spark. I rather enjoy tension between characters, so I like that Evanovich hasn't raced to break it. I also appreciate that her characters, no matter how inconsequential, have something memorable about them. In this book, I have an affinity for Carl. Nothing says a good time like a sarcastic monkey.

I enjoyed the characters introduced in this book. Evanovich just has a way of making each her own. Faults or strengths, victory or defeat, they're hilarious in their pursuits in a way only Janet could pull off!

The Mediocre: Anyone familiar with the Plum series is well aware of the constant triangle between Stephanie, Morelli, and Ranger. While that worked for the first 13 or so books, it's kind of fallen flat since. Unfortunately, we see a similar pattern emerging in the Diesel books. We have Wulf (the bad boy) and Diesel (the good guy). While the tension between Lizzy and Wulf isn't so obvious, it's still there. I don't mind some conflict in characters, but it's just a tad too close to the Plum series in this case. Not so much to detract from the fun of the story, but I hope Evanovich keeps it in check.

There isn't a lot of variation in character and style. If you just flipped open to a page in either the Plum or Diesel series, not knowing which book you held, you probably couldn't tell much of a difference. While the story line has fallen flat in the Plum series, the characters never got old, so this doesn't bother me. If you want an entirely new feel, you probably won't like this newest series.

In conclusion: I really liked this book. It was a quick and easy read, perfect for a long plane ride! My favorite thing about Evanovich is her ability to write a great book with fun characters that's easy to enjoy when you just want to relax.
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