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The War of the Ember by Kathryn Lasky
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Dec 09, 2008

it was amazing

Gaurdians of Ga Hoole: War of the Ember
By Kathryn Lasky

“Soren , your time has come.” Those fateful words were empowering and heartbreaking. The book was incredible and magnificent and bloody and everything in between. My favorite character is by far Teng Shu even though he play only a minor role he has got to be the coolest owl ever. Let me put this simply, he is an owl who knows kung fu, and he is blue. A BLUE OWL! I think Lasky wrote this final chapter to end the FIFTEEN book saga, and to put an end to Nyra and that stupid blue owl Orlando a.k.a the Striga. Orlando is a demented “dragon court owl” who escaped and tried to take over the kings mind and then tried to court Nyra. Bleakch. It great though when the striga got ripped to pieces then dropped into an erupting volcano, which is the end of the story which is when the spartanic battle of the ember takes place. I call it spartanic because there are several allusions to the battle of the 300 spartans at Thermopylae. I kept read the book because it was never boring, that is just the way lasky writes. If it were a movie though I would probably choose little known actors to play the parts. In the end however I was totally taken by surprised but I can not tell you why because that would just ruin the whole series of book so now you have to go read them to find out. Just a warning I wouldn’t recommend this book to small children or those with a weak stomach or who dislike blood, because it is gruesome bloody and very violent.
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Lori Grade: 70
Could have used more detail in your answers.

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