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Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
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Oct 19, 2012

really liked it
Read from September 11 to October 19, 2012

That was a crazy journey. The way it was written, the 6 stories, made it feel like I was time travelling. A novel is said to be great when you can imagine yourself in the setting no matter how unnatural it might feel. Imagining yourself in 6 different settings around the world and through hundreds of years is no easy feat for an author to accomplish. I can safely say that, with Cloud Atlas, I felt like I was on board the ship, at the piano with Ayrs, scared for my life with Luisa, trapped in a retirement home, reluctantly leading a resistance, and climbing mountains...while herding goats. This immersive and philosophical experience will be stuck in my mind for a long time. It's as if I have lived every one of their lives, making me feel very old but still very significant.

One thing I didn't really like about the novel was how some of the stories were just not that entertaining. On a whole it worked brilliantly but, as pieces, not so much. I suppose that this could be construed as making it seem more real - without needing any over the top conflicts, which could alienate the reader. For entertainment purposes, though, I think it would've helped.

I definitely liked how the stories were tied together in a very subtle way without stupid flashbacks or premonitions and the like.

Overall, I would extremely recommend this. Getting through the first story was pretty hard but once you're through that, it's certainly worth it.

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5.0% "15 words I don't know so far."
09/12/2012 page 50
9.0% "Half of one story down. I spent ten minutes figuring out why it just cut out randomly." 5 comments
09/17/2012 page 75
14.0% "Omg a Dorian Gray reference! I'm so cultured."
09/19/2012 page 110
20.0% "Luisa Rey is SOOOO much easier than Ewing and Frobisher. My headache is gone!" 1 comment
09/20/2012 page 150
28.0% "Am I meant to be trying to figure out which of the two the new author is? I don't get it..Cavendish has been alive at the same time as Luisa Rey and Sixsmith."
09/20/2012 page 190
35.0% "This just got xtremely weird."
09/20/2012 page 190
35.0% "Love how brands are being used as nouns in the future even more prominently than they are now." 2 comments
09/23/2012 page 228
43.0% "So excited to see Nea So Copros in the film!"
09/27/2012 page 250
47.0% "I've hit a wall." 1 comment
09/28/2012 page 260
49.0% "HAHAHA
"We’d got a feverish hornyin’ for each other, see, an’ in that druggy skylarkin’ aft’noon I was slurpyin’ her lustsome mangoes an’ moistly fig."" 2 comments
10/04/2012 page 305
57.0% "Damn, Zachry's story took a turn for the emotional."
10/11/2012 page 379
71.0% "This book LITERALLY goes forever."
10/11/2012 page 390
73.0% "Proposition: I have fallen in love with Luisa Rey."
10/16/2012 page 439
83.0% "Omg Eva is so amazing." 10 comments

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