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Inbetween by Tara A. Fuller
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Aug 21, 12

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I've read stories based on the wonders of paradise where all those who are good, pure and kind go. I have also encountered plots that spoke of hell where evil awaits to exact timeless justice on those who have done wrong. But I've never read of the Inbetween before. A grey realm where young souls have a shelf life of a few years, before being sorted between heaven or hell. A very unlikely place for a very impossible love to be born.

Emma is a simple and funny girl who enjoys photography and who has absolutely no interest in boys. But since her father's death she spends most of her time escaping near miss death experiences, and rationalising that she is most definitely not seeing a very cute green eyed boy, who is sparkly round the edges and who disappears in the blink of an eye.

Finn is a world war II soul recycled as an inbetween reaper, who has to convince and restrain himself, protecting Emma from a safe distance and in an invisible state. Because breaking all the rules to even only allow himself to be seen, let alone touch her would award him a direct and speedy ticket to hell, leaving no-one to protect her against an uncontrollable evil soul.

However the bond these two share is too strong. It has challenged life, death and the inbetween, and Finn will risk everything he is and his soul if it means he can protect her and be in his personal paradise. Feeling one more touch, one more breath from the sole purpose of his existence are worth eternal torture.

Tara Fuller approached this very sweet paranormal romance in a somewhat unusual way, focusing on where such an impossible relationship could possibly go as opposed to its construction, as the premises was that the bond was already present. What's more, it was written in alternate chapters from Finn's and Emma's point of view, therefore allowing for a more complete picture of their feelings, thoughts and concerns. I particularly enjoyed this as most paranormal romance books do not often allow regular insight into the feelings of the young hero as he falls, protects, loves and saves the girl that has become the centre of his universe.

In this well written and ever so sweet novel Tara Fuller spoke of a love that went beyond, life, the afterlife and perhaps even reincarnation. It was a very much enjoyed read for a soppy romantic, like myself, and I look forward to reading more.

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