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The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi
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Dec 08, 08

This book just flashed into my mind this evening unbidden. I can't believe how completely I had forgotten it. But for several years after I just started to read YA novels, I thought this book was the epic shit. And it has a heroine! And she's good for something besides good manners! Either this is way out of character for me, or perhaps as a ten year old I wasn't a cranky misogynist (unlikely).

I also read some of the other reviews here for this book, and I have to say, on behalf of ten year-old Isaiah, that you're missing the point. Ten year-old Isaiah doesn't give a damn if it's implausible that the lace-frilled, permed and buxom Charlotte reject her social mores, jump on a ship and start swabbing and mizzen yard-arming. The trajectory itself was the excitement! The strong-willed woman in an implausible fight against sinister forces greater than her. There's a reason this book won a Newberry, and it's not because 30 year-olds recognized how historically inaccurate it is. It's because 10 year-olds recognized how AWESOME it is.

p.s. Charlotte Doyle, I love you. Please write.
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Zimmer this book was the epic shit! for young girls and old girls - it was a great romp, not meant to be a history textbook

Wendy although your tongue may have been a bit "sailor-esque", I appreciated and agreed with your second paragraph. Well-said! :)

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