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Fire by Kristin Cashore
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Aug 20, 2012

did not like it

It's not the most interesting novel to be written ,
The story goes in Dells in times of war and corruption
Fire which is the main character is a the last human monster that everyone wants
She has the ability to read minds and has a really strong beauty that attracts even her own father … other than that she's a pretty normal girl without any human-monster inner fight which was disappointing even her mind reading could be interpreted by anyone who can guard their minds

Fire's character is very weak and defenseless,she walks around with six guards almost till the end of the story
she also has a lot of dysfunctional relationships starting from her father then her " friends with benefits " relationship with archer which was really disgusting for me .

The overwhelming flaws with the characters kept me from getting emotionally attached to be able to react to any of the scenes ( not that there were any interesting ones )

Child abuse was mentioned with Nax and her father
"Except that Cansrel had been bored. His gratification had always required excess, and now he began to
Need more women and more parties, and wine, and children from the court to alleviate the monotony of the women. And drugs.
Nax had agreed to it all; Nax had been like a shell to hold Cansrel’s mind and nod its head yes to whatever Cansrel said was best."

And listing it like that with just a random thing they do is just very sad.

The writing style is very boring and sometimes even ridiculous,
Everything is very predictable
I can't remember just how many times the word " MONSTER" appeared … human monster , cat monster ,even a bug monster ?
Also the herbal drugs were not very convincing for me ,

I think that the Gracling boy could have played a bigger part in the story but then again it will turn out to be like Greacling 1 which was the fight between the two powers

I just honestly don't know what's the point of this novel .

Even though Gracling wasn't five stars worth and I had some trouble with KATSA but at least Gracling had good scenes and story telling the building of the story was somehow okay but here in fire it's just downfall …

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