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Wicked by Nancy Holder
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Jan 06, 14

Read from August 20 to 24, 2012

I finished this book yesterday and let me just start my review off by saying Do not, I repeat, DO NOT waste your time with this book! First off, there are two authors which i feel is important to note because you definitely get the sense that in alot of parts of the book they werent sure which way they wanted to go with certain events and they compromised by not detailing highly important information to the reader. I had a hard time getting used to all the weird occurences and evil magic that is immediately thrown into the readers lap but considering this is a story based on witchcraft and a long time battle of power between two opposing covens, Cahors Witches and Deveraux warlocks, it's something the reader has to adjust to and accept early on to be able to enjoy this series, but even then enjoying this book wont come easy.Maybe if youve never ever in your life read another book ever you might think its good because you have no standards to compare it to it, but any good reader that values quality writing will want to cry their eyes out for all the time wasted reading it. This book switches between the present and hundreds of years past. The storyline from the past is very intriguing and necessary to reflect on so the reader understands the history that has lead to the present situation. In my opinion, the characters in the present are all very dull and boring but the story of the past is what kept the book interesting and as it progresses, the history you learn about the past almost redeems the characters in the present. Almost, but it never fully does because they are all so lame. There is very very little character development and am I the only one who was rolling my eyes at all the magic spells the witches who just barely discovered they were witches were able to conjure with absolutely no instruction from anyone? In between the 50 million unsuccessful attacks instigated by a evil, highly skilled warlock on these newbie witches with no training, the authors shouldve elaborated on the learning process the Cahors coven underwent and allowed the readers to watch each character progress through discovering their magical abilities both individually and as a coven. I end this review with a reminder, do not read this book!!!

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08/20/2012 page 361
54.0% "Just finished the first part "Witch". I am starting on the second part "curse" now. It isnt a super exciting book in my opinion. Its got a fairly interesting story line and thats why ive kept reading but to me the characters are all dull and boring."

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