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Pale by Chris Wooding
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Aug 20, 2012

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In the Chris Wooding's world, when people die, or they're hurt so badly, they get Lazarus Serum. This Serum can bring them back to life. But just in they're "freshly" dead. Serum can't bring to life people, who are dead for a long time. But when you get Lazarus Serum, you're going to change into a Pale. A Pale is a person, who got a white skin, white hair, even white and terrifying eyes. Pales needn't breath, and their heart doesn't beat. People are saying, that Pales, can live forever.

But every single Pale have really hard life. They have no rights, no property and even no respectable home. Kids are cruel. So very Pale kid is in school bullied. They hang out in group where are only Pale kids, 'cause normal kids loot at them like they're some kind of mess. But they're not. Maybe they are different - at outside. Inside, they're the same, like they were before they died.

It looks, like that Jed has everything. With his girlfriend - Sandie - they are together for two years. He's got a best friend Kyle. He's got a perfect dad. He can do everything with him, they spend a lot of time together. Jed's dad is Afterlife lawyer. He fight against Pales - he's a "big man" - very important for normal people.

But when Jed surprisingly died - Lazarus Serum brought him back to life - as a Pale. Everything in his life is suddenly different. Dad can't even look at him - god, he is Afterlife lawyer! His mom's still crying. And his best friend suddenly hate him. And his girlfriend...

This is really, really short story. My ebook had 37 pages. That is why this book could not be better than it is. Autor's idea was really amazing and interesting. If he worked more on this one, he could write longer story. He could worked more on the characters, and the story could be more elaborate. I think, that with this idea, autor could do much better.

Although it was really short. I liked it. BUT! When I finally get into the story, it was over. What a pity. Even in such a short time, Jed's character passed through change. At the start, he was such a jerk, he hated everyone just because of their look. But then, he could appreciate even a behavior of people.

I would recommend it to everyone, who's looking for some short but interesting story.

Thanks belongs to NetGalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for ARC ebook.

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