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In Between Seasons by Cassandra Giovanni
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Aug 20, 2012

really liked it
Read in August, 2012


Maybe one of the best R2R i've ever received. Really liked it.
Kate, the main female character, was incredibly interesting. Different from the typical protagonist, stronger, with less reservations about what she feels or wants, which was good for a change. Also, she and Hunter fit perfectly in their life stories and ways of thinking. Her family wanting to kill her was a good idea, interesting,and give another logic to the story.
The mention of Twilight Saga in the book was an act of courage. Me, not being a big fan myself, recognize you for that ;)
The size of the chapters pleased me. Small, easy to read, enjoyable. The kind of book that we say "just one more chapter" and when you realize, you finished the book in three hours. But the book was too short! :( I wanted to know more about their past lives and how their relationship developed. (to Cassandra) Are you thinking of doing a sequel or something?
You really caught me at the beginning of the last chapter. I thought that, after they've been caught, they were together and free because they were both killed.

Fav Quotes:
* "When you live the way i did you learn to hide your emotions because no one is going to listen anyways...or tell the truth for that matter."
* "Why wont you talk about yourself?"/"There's nothing much to say"/"There was nothing much for me to say and i still said it because i knew you wanted to hear it"
* "But sometimes the greatest revenge is guilt because that will destroy a person...believe me, i know."
* "You grow up with something you can't stand and you learn how to not be like it"
* "He understood the evil because he had conquered it and mastered it inside himself"
* "I guess my special talent is seeing through lies even if i don't understand them."
* "For what it's worth i think they knew you were special just not their kind of special."
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