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Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning
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Dec 13, 08

liked it
bookshelves: 2008, paranormal
Read in December, 2008

I liked this one better than the first.

What worked:
There's less "this is what Barbie is wearing today" junk going on.
The building tension between the two main characters.
A trip to the beach
Description of the rabbit
Some fun word combos - I reread a couple sentences because I liked them. That makes me happy.

What was clunky:
Regarding the beach trip - The exchange rate on time isn't something I can think too much about without it becoming an inconsistency that makes me want to TSK TSK in the author's face.
One character was disposed of a little too easily and uh, we kind of forget about it like it's no big deal someone is probably super dead here, people!

What's not working for me:
Absent mother
Still too much, "Little did I know..." going on. This was a major problem for me in Darkfever. "I would soon find out..." "What I didn't know was how much that would matter later..." type stuff is just awkward for me. Tell me the story now. Keep me in the story now. Replace the "Little did I know..." with the stuff that can be known and seen and let me guess at what significance that might have later. Let me make that aha! discovery as a reader. Along that same line.... paragraphs full of "will this happen" and "is it possible..." aren't the kind of foreshadowing I'm looking for.

The problem I usually have with fantasy stories like this one, where a character is plucked from one world and plunked into another, there is too little convincing yearning for "home." It's mentioned in an, "Oh, yeah. Also: HOMESICK." way that isn't satisfying.

Overall, though, this is a fun place to escape. Dangerous, mysterious, full of bad guys who might be good guys, etc. Alright stuff.
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Normajean Thank u!!! U put my feelings into words perfectly! And I'm such a sucker cause I'm still going to read the next one....

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