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Heart of a Desert Warrior by Lucy Monroe
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Aug 19, 2012

it was ok

I love Lucy Monroe, but her last few books have lacked that special something to make them good.

So in this book, 5 years ago the hero and heroine were in college together and were also lovers. The heroine didn't realize he was a sheikh since he never told her, but she had planned on marrying him because she loved him so much. She actually learned a lot about his culture so she could fit in when he married her.

But of course the hero breaks her heart and shoves her away and the heroine went into mourning and then lost herself in her work.

She's a geologist and she's brought to his country to test the ground for whatever they were looking for. He's leading her around and he wants to strike up their "friendship" again. He claims they were friends, but by friends he actually means that he wants sex with her again.

Of course, long ago the hero wanted to marry this perfect virgin princess from a neighboring kingdom and she turned him down rather harshly. So he set his sights on her and worked his tail off to get her. All the while he was using the heroine for sex and supposed friendship.

This book is so wishy-washy and boring and hateful.

Not a lot happens, the heroine is so great and wonderful with her love she just wants the hero to be happy.

The hero of course, gets out of everything he did to the heroine because his wife was such a horrible person and she was pregnant with not his child when she married him, and therefore not a virgin either. She didn't like him, his way of life, and she cheated all the time. Oh, poor baby.

If the princess had been the heroine of this story, there would be NO reader happy with the hero going after her and trying to get her to marry him while he's living it up with another woman for over a year at the same time.

So that being said, he's nothing to shake a stick at in the marriage terms. Yes, she did him wrong, but he did the heroine wrong, so he has nothing to complain about. And that doesn't excuse his actions with the heroine. He got what he deserved from his singleminded campaign of this is what I want so I'll have it.

And then the heroine just loves him so much and can't understand how his wife could possibly cheat on him and that's followed by the worst thing that could ever happen in a romance novel. The heroine decides to fight for her man.

If you need to battle it out to get him to be with you, then what's the point?

Ultimately, this book was just too boring to really hate it though. If it'd had more drama, my feelings probably would have been stronger, be that a good or a bad thing.

ETA. I also want to say a point about him naming his daughter after the heroine. He flat out tells his wife he's naming her after the heroine because she was a good and wonderful person and that's what he wanted his daughter to be like. If he wanted to secretly think that, I might think that was a great thing. But the fact that he verbally spoke that way to the other woman, means that he was using the heroine as a dagger to get back at the other woman. That means he wasn't really thinking about the heroine, he was using her even then against the other woman because she didn't turn out to be everything he dreamed of. That's not a point in his favor, that's a major point against him.
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message 1: by AgentScully (new)

AgentScully Fab review. So not reading this one.

KatieV "...and that's followed by the worst thing that could ever happen in a romance novel. The heroine decides to fight for her man."

AMEN to that!

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