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The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
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Dec 07, 2008

it was ok

The House on Mango Street to many people was viewed as this excellent book. People though it was appealing that there was an unreliable narrator and that they need to assume or figure out what the true meaning was. To me this kind of book does not appeal at all to me.
It is about a young girl growing up in a sort of Hispanic ghetto area and having to deal with the challenges of life. Although she is nothing but an average girl, in the book not so average and very disturbing, sad things happen.
As i said before, the main charecter is an unreliable narrator because for most of the book she is very young. I know that she is young but some of the things that were said and done younger children could have graspped and realized. Maybe it was just me, and the enviroment i grew up in, but to me i feel like its too fake.
Many people i know that have read this think its so realistic and they can relate but I really dont see how that is. When I was the age that the girl is I understood more then her and if I were to write a book it would be detailed and have explicite details.
Again, maybe thats just why i did't like the book, because it wasn't something that I would feel or do and I think the makes it unappealing.
I don't know the author well enough to say that this is her style of writting, so to recommend or not recommend her books would just be unfair. Then again if your anything like me I would not recommend this book because to me its childish and fake.
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message 1: by Kvf (new) - rated it 2 stars

Kvf I agree. I think that the book just talks about the average girl and what happens throughout her life. Not the best book.

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