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Big Boned by Meg Cabot
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Dec 08, 08

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Read in December, 2008

** spoiler alert ** This book was a very quick read - I don't know if its quicker than the others but it took me 3 hr max to read whereas the others on CD were 8 hrs of listening. However it was probably my least favorite of the three.

While Heather is up to her usual shenanigans, it really doesn't heat up till the end of the book (the last 1/4 or so). Maybe this was because I didn't get into Tad and their relationship, maybe because Cooper doesn't have such a large role or maybe because it was all very breif. Gavin however still makes me giggle like a school girl( a reminder of my miss spent youth?)

One of the story lines start at the beginning when Heather is running (yes running) and she says "Also, I think I felt something come loose back there. I'm not trying to overact or anything, but I think it was my uterus. Honest. I think my uterus jiggled free". And while the inital line is a bit out of the blue (I don't even know what she means by this), it did make me giggle everytime it was mentioned along the way, sometimes once again out of the blue.

From the ending of the book I think it will be the last of the Heather Wells series and for me it just finished a little bit "tidy". I mean really they only kissed and are talking about eloping - don't really see it occuring with his personality.

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Meg Cabot
“Also, I think I felt something come loose back there. I'm not trying to overreact or anything but I think it was my uterus. Honest. I think my uterus jiggled free. My uterus is just going to come out between my legs and I'm going to look like I'm walking around with an enormous load in my pants.”
Meg Cabot, Big Boned
tags: humor

Meg Cabot
“I stare at her, as dumbstruck as if she'd just admitted she's a Scientologist with an invitation to join Tom and Katie on the spaceship when it shows up.”
Meg Cabot, Big Boned

Meg Cabot
“I don't want water!" Sarah cries, her face buried against my chest.
I can't see what's going on in the rest of the lobby beacuse Sarah's hair is flying up in my face, blocking my view.
I want justice!" she wails.
Well, we'll get you some of that too." Magda has appeared from out of nowhere. "Maybe there's some in the freezer.”
Meg Cabot, Big Boned

Meg Cabot
“They've arrested Sebastian! For m-murder! You've g-got to stop them! He d-didn't do it! He can't have done it! He doesn't believe in murder! He's a v-vegetarian!”
Meg Cabot, Big Boned

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