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Sin & Seduction by Allison Cassatta
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Aug 18, 2012

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bookshelves: alpha-male, dmc, kindle-lendable, m-m-romance, ruthless-businessman, ruthless-killer, violence, tattoos, reviewed, dancer
Read from August 18 to 19, 2012

The violence in this book is done to perfection. Dorian Grant is exactly the kind of cold, intimidating and ruthless MC that I like. Yes, he initially used cocaine and X to deal with his inner demons but all of that added to his larger than life persona. I love the relationship he has with Angelo, his bodyguard and that Angelo doesn't back down from putting him in check when he teeters on the edge of the abyss.

Two things prevented this from being 5 stars:

A) Jansen. He was just a weak character and he annoyed me for 95% of the book. He was way too adolescent (needing to know if Dorian only thought of him as a whore after only meeting and having sex with him twice. Uh, hello, you're a dancer in a nightclub). Also, his constant 'fear' of Dorian and what he did was just lame. Man up!

B) The emotion between the characters just felt forced. I didn't feel that it was a smooth progression from strangers to sex buddies to men in love. Things happened way too quickly and just felt stilted, like they were supposed to happen to move the story along.

A solid 3 stars for me. Like I said, the violence is superb and I really liked the Dorian character. He took care of business and protected the man he loved at all costs. I can go for that!

As always, my status updates show my minute by minute reactions lol.
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Reading Progress

13.0% ""Why do we have to shower?"
"“Well, kid, you’ve been dancin’ all night, and I beat the shit out of someone...”
LOL! I love it!" 1 comment
25.0% "Jansen's ass burned like it had been ripped apart. The pain shot up his spine and tensed his shoulders." That's what you get for letting someone batter-ram you without lube, you nitwit." 3 comments
29.0% "Love the scene with the blood swirling down the shower drain and that being how Dorian finds out he's hurt Jansen. Was wondering how she would do that. I'm not buying the emotions of the characters though...the you've broken through my hardened shell angle. Just feel forced. Jansen, you are a dancer that he had sex with. Stop picking out china, in your head."
30.0% "“Why couldn’t you be like the others? Why the fuck did you have to make me care?” Dorian, stop saying corny stuff out loud before I slap you."
39.0% "And don’t call it fucking love, because Dorian didn’t do “love.” Uh, I'm not calling it anything. You've met him, exactly twice."
41.0% "“You’re crazy.”
“Maybe, but I need to see him. I need to know why he hurt me and if he plans on doing it again. I need to know that I’m not just a whore to him, and if I am, I need to move on. Whatever the case may be, I need to know so I can move on or… or something.”
Jansen, are you an effing retard?? How old are you? 15?? "I need to know that I'm not just a whore to him??" I need an Excedrin."
45.0% "Jansen, don't be looking at Dorian in disappointment. He let the family guy go, and this was his payback? Dor is right. Screw him and his doggone family! Now, if you want to be helpful, twirl your happy hips over to the ice machine, get that man some ice chips and let him handle his business." 1 comment
50.0% "It's getting good now. Heading home from the hospital. I'm liking where the (non) relationship is going. Let's keep it onward and upward, people."
57.0% "“No worries, boss. We know this brother. We know where to find him.”
“So why the fuck is he still breathin’? Kill the motherfucker.”
I just got all warm and gooey inside. Sigh."
57.0% " “Hey, boss wants you.”
“‘Boss’ can kiss my ass,” Jansen said. A huge shadow suddenly blocked out the sun that had been burning his eyes. “Watch it, boy,” he said. “I’d choose your words a little fuckin’ better, if ya know what’s good for ya.”
“And what are you gonna do?"
“You might not always be a protected asset. Now, get your ass upstairs before I drag you up there."
Woohoo Angelo! Lay the smack down!"
64.0% " I’m not saying I don’t want to be with you, that there’s no future for us. I’m saying I can’t do this right now. I’m saying I need some space, and you need to realize you can trust me, that we’re equals." Equals?? Jansen, Jansen, Dor is a bad ass; you're a sniveling kid. I hate when authors do these unnecessary breakups. Just go home Jansen. You're plucking my nerves."
71.0% "Hives! Hives! I'm breaking out in hives! Stop the corny, sappy. Stop it now!"
78.0% "Jansen, get real. Who would want their partner going back to that job?? Especially someone like Dorian. You're being unreasonable. Let somebody tell me they want to pay my bills. I'll have those jokers on their desk, fully alphabetized. This is silly." 2 comments
82.0% "“If you’re so concerned about my safety,” Jansen said, “then it would appear you have two choices. You can give up your lifestyle or you can give up being with me." OMG. PG, you really like this kid?? He is SO not ride or die! Can one of Dorian's enemies please punch him in the face a few times so he can see where Dorian is coming from?? What planet is he leaving on that Dorian can just walk away, for him??" 2 comments
83.0% "“You Dorian Grant’s boy?” A frown curled his face as he turned back around. He said “Who wants to know?” The barrel of a gun poked out from the glass. “Eye for a fucking eye,” the voice growled from the darkness of the backseat. LOL! Even better!! I am happier than a pig in poo poo, right now. You have no idea!! Cracks the hell up laughing."
92.0% "That's right, Jansen. Wash the blood off your warrior after a battle. Now, you're getting the hang of it. I notice you weren't so self righteous when he was avenging your ass. Kids."
98.0% "“You’ll always have to look over your shoulder. You’ll always have to wonder if someone is waitin’ in the darkness, behind the bushes or around the corner. That’s why I have Angelo. I can’t keep my eyes and ears on everything. I can give ya the same protection, but baby, ya gotta let me.” Awww. Forget him, Dorian. I'll marry you! LOL" 22 comments

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Purplegirl Changed your mind? Lol

Nile Princess No, just keeping it close at hand lol.

Purplegirl I hope you like this one. I really liked it. It has elements that we look for in our criminals and there significant others :)

Ashley♥Alexis lol that's a great quote. I gotta pick this one up soon.

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