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Her Dear and Loving Husband by Meredith Allard
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Aug 17, 12

bookshelves: paranormal, romance
Read in August, 2012

There were a few nice ideas, but there's really no tension in the book. It feels too sedate for its own good.

Sarah moves to Salem, Massachussetts in order to reboot her life after a divorce. She meets James, a retiring English professor whom she shares a bond to; she looks exactly like his dead wife. Except that his wife died three hundred years ago, and he is an immortal vampire. Mix an inquisitive vampire hunting reporter, and the vampire who turned him popping in, and life is about to get complicated.

The idea of the book isn't bad. Imagine a more restrained Twilight with adult protagonists and a fair splash of history. Sometimes it rises to be interesting, usually with the minor characters. Timothy and Gregory add some needed life to the book, and you wish the latter especially had more presence in the novel.

However, most of the book is a somewhat dull love story with no real tension, and what little that does is dispelled quickly. I think just reading the premise you can get what the mystery is. The problem though is that there's no tension due to each revelation. James's true nature? She freaks out for a few pages, then it's all okay. Her own true nature? She gets over it too quickly.

Also, her own nature really needed that. You'll figure it out anyways, but putting it in spoilers: (view spoiler) The problem with this being waved over in this book is twofold:

1. She divorced her husband because of it, unconsciously. Her husband was said to love her, but she just knew he wasn't right. There's a lot of tension implicit in this which I wonder will be in the second book. But it's not in this one, which makes me raise an eyebrow.

2. There's no one else but James. Sarah doesn't put up much of a fight, and there is no rival to make things interesting. There really isn't even any tension due to what James is, either.

Also, the main adversary in the book has little screen time and is dispatched pretty boringly.

So it while the book is restrained in a good way, it's also in a bad one. I have the feeling though the second book might have more conflict, and maybe more of the interesting things will shine in it, but this one was a bit too slow going and tension-free for me.
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