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False Memory by Dan Krokos
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*****FINAL RATING: 4.65 STARS*****

(Just to make a random observation, I seem to give out a lot of 4.65 ratings.)

When I started reading False Memory, I'm not sure what I expected. Maybe something formulaic, even boring. Like every other sci-fi novel out there. But if that's what I expected, that isn't nearly what I got. And that is most definitely a good thing. For one thing, it is legit and genuine scientific science fiction. To be honest, I never though that kind of thing would appeal to me. But it does. It absolutely blew me away.

It's a super rare thing to see male authors write female characters, and Dan did this exceptionally well. She has no memory of anything when she awakes, but she does discover within herself an unusual type of power. She is an incredibly relatable and most definitely human character, and despite the fact that I don't suffer (serious) memory loss it was easy to relate to Miranda. She doesn't really understand what's going on, and she definitely isn't happy about it. Yet she never really crosses the line to majorly annoying. She has her moments, but so does everybody.

Peter is very mysterious. When he's first introduced to the story, we really have no idea who he is. Who's side is he on? We don't know, and I love the mystery and suspense that invites for a little while. It's like the first time I watched the Audrey Hepburn movie Charade, the one where everyone is a double agent and there's really no one to trust. This entire book wasn't like that, but Peter definitely was, and I loved that mystery. It made me want to know more about him.
Noah is Miranda's old boyfriend, the one she can't remember loving, and she goes through a lot of conflict over this. I love the fact that even Miranda is obviously different, he still supports her and is there for her. Instead of taking off, he stays with her. Plus he just sounds like gorgeous, so yeah. Oh! And this boy has a mouth on him. He's pretty impulsive and doesn't usually think before he speaks, but that's just as well because he provides some awesome comic relief moments.

Olive seems shy, but she's not. She's loyal to Miranda. There for her. And she's a totally seasoned warrior, maybe even more so than the others. She's very calm and collected. Cool-headed when the others aren't. The voice of reason, and clearly intelligent.

I can think of so many giant, absurdly huge adjectives that I had to memorize as part of SAT vocab last summer. However, I feel that since I told you I could use these words I feel it is unnecessary to actually use them. Plus I really can't spell most of them, so that is a problem.

I'm not even making it sound better than it actually is when I say that it's one of the most unique plot ideas I've seen in…well, ever. Because sure, there are books and movies about memory loss all the time, some even dystopian like this one. Think Total Recall. (Not to get on a tangent, but awesome movie. I'm totally going to read the book at some point in my life. Preferably soon.)

I mean, I loved this book. There was a ton of suspense. We're introduced into this incredible dystopian world; probably one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The world-building is exquisite. Perfection. I fell completely in love with it instantly and never found my way back out. And I didn't want to.

And it just had some amazing action. The action sequences were really detailed, not just a ton of thrown-together adjectives. You can almost feel everything that's happening, as if you're actually taking part.

And there are, like the synopsis says, some pretty dark secrets just waiting to be uncovered. Some things, it is clear, have yet to be uncovered. So basically, some crazy awesome fun. And then some.

I'm not normally a fan of love triangles, just because they frustrate me to no end. They're great sometimes, but the other times…well, you know. But this love triangle happens to be executed fantastically. I actually found myself floundering between the two love interests. It took me a long time to decide who I liked better, because Miranda herself has very complicated feelings for both of them, and she isn't always sure what she wants. But instead of it seeming dragged out or unnecessary, it feels genuine. And that's important.

Dan's writing, like the fact that he writes a female character, is unique. And that works out in his case. Miranda's voice is charming but also truthful. She says what she sees, doesn't gloss it over with unnecessary adjectives or fluff. She sees things as they are and that's what we hear through her. And her feelings, about herself, the people around her, and her environment, are fully developed but still leave room for change. And they do change, as they should.

So if I didn't know better, I would say Dan is trying to kill me. Because there is some seriously cliffhanger action going on when this book ends. The ending left me on the edge of my seat, dying for the next book. I think I would consider illegal activities in order to get my hands on the next book. That's how much I want it after reading this masterpiece of an ending. Well thought out and beautifully executed.

I know there's been some serious controversy regrading this author and therefore his books, but I honestly suggest rethinking that. There was a point where I wasn't going to read this book either, but because of some things that were said and done I did change my mind, and I'm glad I did. I definitely love singing this book's praises, and I highly recommend it. Unique and fun and one of my all-time favorites, easily.


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Ashley I'm so glad you loved it! I ADORED False Memory!!

Wendy Darling So glad! Look forward to your review. :)

Annabelle Marie Veronica And it's here! YAY :)

Rachel OMG, I can't wait to read this book!!
It's rare to see a well-executed love triangle in YA books, as usually you can tell straight away who the girl's going to end up with, so it's good to hear that the romance in this book is really well executed :D
My library's ordering this, but it's taking AGES to arrive... I'm not sure I can wait much longer to read this one :(

Annabelle Marie Veronica Oh yeah, it is SUCH a great book! I'm totally buying a finished copy.

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