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My Paper Heart by Magan Vernon
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Aug 17, 2012

really liked it
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Read on August 17, 2012

My Paper Heart is one of the many books I have found recently where a few tweaks could have made it great. I am not someone who needs every little issue tied up in a neat little bow by the time a book is done but sometimes it seems books mention issues to add depth but then don’t fully build on them. I am left wondering why it was in there in the first place and that was my biggest issue with the book.

Libby comes off as a little superficial in the beginning and me and superficial just do not get along. The good news is she becomes more likable as the book goes on and I actually liked her by the time it was done; the girl could rock Wal-Mart dresses! I loved how she adapted to the simple life when she went to stay with her aunt; it loosened her up and helped her realize that there is so much more to life than money and outward appearances.

Blaine is supposed to come off as a player, bad boy type but he didn’t have the edge I was expecting. He was still incredibly sweet and swoon-worthy! He was hurt badly in the past and decided that the best way to deal with it was by sleeping with half the town and drinking lots of alcohol. He seems to have already mellowed out some before he meets Libby because I did not see that side of him. What I did like about him was his willingness to step outside his comfort zone for Libby; it showed how much he truly cared for her!

Now the romance in this is pretty cute with a few angsty moments. The chemistry was palpable and it was easy to see the love between Libby and Blaine was a forever love. They are two people from different backgrounds that can come together and change each other for the better. They will have to overcome their pasts and their differing plans for the future to make it work, though!

The book refers to an eating disorder quite frequently and while I felt that Libby became more comfortable with her body, I felt the storyline to be a little misplaced and needed it to come into play somewhere. It is an issue that so many teenagers deal with to some extent (body issues in general) and I would have loved it to play out a little more. I appreciate books that can tell a story while tackling a social issue!

Overall, I found this story enjoyable but it could have been better. I would definitely give this author another read.
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