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Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong
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Aug 17, 2012

did not like it

Totally disappointed in this book. I went through the whole series in a few weeks and was ready for a huge payoff but sadly it didn't come. With the last three books building up to a relationship between Adam and Savannah, I was expecting a sweet, romantic, tender....something. I understand that the world was coming down around their heads, I understand that sometimes life doesn't work that way, I understand that you take what you can get but........when you build up a relationship for 3 books and heck 9 years or so, you expect that when they do finally come to their senses and decide that this relationship is what they want to happen, that you would get more of a tender moment then a "wham, bam, thank you lady" in a nasty hotel room for an hour. I mean really! I actually thought I missed the love scene and even posted on facebook to ask if there was even one because I thought I missed it. So if you are a fan of this couple, you might want to just end with #12 and make up your own story on how it should end because there is no HEA and no big romantic scene, it's rude and dirty and to be honest, if my first time with a guy I had been in love with for over 9 years had treated me like that and said the crap he said afterwards to me, that would be the last time I was with him, crush or not! I could rant all night about this but sadly I'll end the review here.
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