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Original Sin by Samantha Towle
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Aug 17, 2012

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Original Sin (The Alexandra Jones series #2)Original Sin by Samantha Towle

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Let me say that I enjoyed book 1 First Bitten (The Alexandra Jones series) and it laid the groundwork for what I hope would be an amazing series. Unfortunately, the first 50% of Original Sin (The Alexandra Jones Series #2) was pretty much going that way and THEN Alex loses her brain someplace and become the clone of thousands of women who stay with or are attracted to abusive men. Nathan gets a bit of polish from the author trying to make him into something he is NOT but Alex is just madly in love with him to the exclusion of all others (MUCH better others I might say) and so the book goes downhill from there and I probably scanned about 15-20% of the last half of the book. I have to say my personal feelings on this would have never had Nathan revisited in this series in anything but a minor role. I guess with that out of the way I have to decide if I want to continue this series when Alex is such a weak heroine and living a life filled with bad choices and irrational behavior. Original Sin (The Alexandra Jones Series #2) was a decently written sequel and other than the British slang that tainted the book a bit for me, the story could have been a 5 Star over the top reading experience but the author got lazy, the heroine got stupid and I can only hope that someplace down the line everybody gets a break. I am sure the author is not going to change much in her romance angle of this book which is sad because for all her efforts I still see Nathan as a jerk at best. Zeff would have been a better character for the book and will probably be demonized in the series to make Nathan look better and that does not appeal to me. If the next book comes out soon I will read it, if I have to wait for many months I may just give up and move on to better stories. 3 Stars for a good stories and sadness for what I feel it could have been.

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Kate Can't agree with you more) If a guy is hurling TV-sets into the walls while being madly in love with you, it's going to get ugly real quick when his feelings subside a bit. And that drinking habit of his isn't helping either. So the last part of the book looked like an epitome of phrase "love is blind" to me.

Douglas Meeks I must admit I have never looked to see if there was another book since I went to the authors website and basically gathered that what I thought would happen is where it was going. Nathan has given her almost nothing to help her grow and Zeff helped her make major strides in dealing with her life, so why make him the bad guy. Nathan was a very poor hero IMHO and Alex is just a mess, sadly I assumed a "better things to read" towards this series. If I am wrong please enlighten me .

Kate I must admit I haven't finished the second book yet and I'm not sure I'm even going to. The moment Alex returned to, the moment she fell into his arms after yet another insult...I just couldn't bear it. Zeff was everything Nathan wasn't: supportive, understanding and fun. I don't know, whether the author has made him one of "the bad guys" in the next book, but I can tell, that if she did, it's just going to look forced. She made her characters look too real, so idealizing Nathan and demonizing Zeff will only look kind of out of place. It reminds me a bit of Diana Rowland's "Touch of the Demon" - I knew Ryzkhal was after his own agenda (with him being tricky manipulative arrogant bastаrd and all) but making him a psychotic maniac - that was kind of over the board(and what a shame - I _loved_ him))

Douglas Meeks I would not count Ryzkhal out of the picture yet:) I have a feeling it may change a bit but I am not buying the switch to ultimate evil yet. I do however agree with your comparison to this book in general.

Kate Let's hope you are right about Ryzkhal) The picture of him in the last book just doesn't give him (as a character pictured in the previous ones) justice.

Douglas Meeks Well the book comes out around end of the year so i should get a copy around November sometime, but I can't let too much out or I would not get many ARCs :)

Kate I am reading "Fury of the Demon" no matter what, cause with Rowland's books it always was about the plot for me and not the characters only. I just hope Ryzkhal will not turn out to be one of those ultimate evil characters , who just want to dominate the Earth for the fun of it)

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