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Requiem by Lauren Oliver
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Jan 07, 14

Read in January, 2012

I have never hated a cliff hanger so much in my life.


Blah. Lena better choose Alex or I will personally find a way into the book and murder her.

I mean, yeah sure, Julian's okay, I guess, if you like THAT kind of guy. But Alex. DHAFDOSIUFJEASFDJHIE. HE ALMOST DIED FOR HER!!! And no. He was so not cured. HE WAS NOT CURED. Yeah, I would look all stony and shit if the girl I ALMOST DIED FOR was kissing another guy. Wouldn't you? HE WAS NOT CURED.

If Alex and Lena aren't together, then- I can't even finish that thought. THEY WILL BE TOGETHER.

My predictions of what's going to happen:

Somehow the Resistance takes down the stupid deliria-free government.

They make a cure for the Procedure.


Then, they addopt Gracie and they become a big, happy, uncured family.

Julian doesn't die.

Hana gets her procedure reversed and gets together with him.

Raven and Tack become a BAD ASS couple and have a baby they name Blue.

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message 1: by Nia (new) - added it

Nia i sooo want Raven and Tack to be together too!!

message 2: by Emma (new)

Emma YES. This is exactly what needs to happen, and if it doesn't *shakes fist at sky* Come on Team Alex!

message 3: by Nia (new) - added it

Nia Emma wrote: "YES. This is exactly what needs to happen, and if it doesn't *shakes fist at sky* Come on Team Alex!"

of course go team Alex!
Or do a one year plan to invite them all in 1 room and put a bomb in the room made of fricking hard ass steel!

message 4: by Sumayyah (new)

Sumayyah lol i'm loving ur predictions

message 5: by Ashley (new) - added it

Ashley Owen i love your predictions and agree whole heartedly

Nikolai Of Waroch Thanks for the comments, guys. TEAM ALEX FOREVER, BITCHES!

message 7: by Kaila (new) - added it

Kaila B omg you just made my day ! when is march coming !!!! what the hell im not even worried for exams im worried about alex!!!

message 8: by Amelia (new) - added it

Amelia im with you on that alexa

Kate this is cute and i love it! :)

Book_freak 4 of your predictions are correct!!
Im not going to tell you which ones are....(:
Great blurb!!

Kirsty Jackson you're version of the ending would have been SO much better than the actual one!

Yazmin Gova As far as I am aware, this is the last book... And Raven died at the end, did she not?

Mackenzie Blackwood I totally agree with all of this, thumbs up to you. I'm glad I'm not the only Raven/Tack shipper out there first of all and I basically didn't know what to do with my life after Alex's "death" in Delirium so yeah. Alex is my clear choice too. COME ON LENA!!!

message 14: by Ameera (new)

Ameera Julian is awesome. Alex was awesome. For me, picking a team is impossible.

Kristin Craker If you hate cliff hangers don't read insurgent

Nikolai Of Waroch Too late. ;)

Amity But Raven died. As of the rest, your predictions are the same stuff running in my mind!

Nikolai Of Waroch Yes, I know. I wrote this before I read the book. :)

Nikolai Of Waroch Yes, I know. I wrote this before I read the book. :)

Khadija ht So unfortunately raven dies -.- whyyyyyyt
And we're sadly left with our own imagination to wonder wheatear Lena is with Alex or Julian :/

Camila Karina It's a good typical best-seller story. I am not saying that the book by itself were not good, but it is very predictable since the beggining and, even worst, we spected more. I like the book because have some elements of revenge and I loved it when the author try to mix the story of Hana with the leyend of Barba Azul, but the final was dissapointed and not definite.

Madisen There is going to be another book?!?!? OMG!!!!!!!

Nikolai Of Waroch Madisen wrote: "There is going to be another book?!?!? OMG!!!!!!!"

No, I just have been too lazy to write an after-I've-read review yet. This was before the book came out. :(

Ayesha Ansari I would totally agree with your predictions and that is exactly what I thought would happen with Hana and Julian, THEY WOULD GET TOGETHER!
Also, we aren't exactly sure if Raven died, I don't remember where she got shot but I think she dies, I mean, NOTHING can kill that girl.
Alex and Lena definitely get back together, I REFUSE to think otherwise.

Ravenstarfire I thought hana and Julian would get together too! Well I hoped they would :/

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